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Baguio - The City Of Pines In The Philippines

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Corzhens, May 20, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Baguio City is located in the mountain province, called because of the mountain range where it is situated. The Americans who developed the city in the early 1900s planted pine trees hence it is called the city of pines. What makes it unique for a tropical country is the cool temperature averaging below 20 degrees C and dips below 10 degrees during winter time (the country's average temperature is 30 degrees C).

    The come on of Baguio City is varied, from horseback riding to other activities like trekking and spelunking, it is the only place where strawberries grow so their trademark is the strawberry jam aside from the fresh strawberries. There are also other fruits like passion fruit, apples, pears, black berries, etc. And not to forget, the vegetables are fresh and cheap since the adjacent areas are vegetable gardens.

    With the sights, I guess I would leave it to your research but I'm sure there are lots to see in Baguio City.
  2. Catchmeifyoucan

    Catchmeifyoucan New Member

    That's pretty crazy. I didn't know pines would grow in that climate. You usually see them in colder regions. We have plenty of them here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Do they have any Redwood trees out there? I've always wanted to visit the Philippines and go to some of the tropical rain forests. I've heard they have "monkey eating" eagles out there. I'm not sure what the exact name is.
  3. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Baguio City is hailed as the "summer capital of the Philippines." Whenever the summer gets too hot, tourists flock here for relief from the heat. It can get crowded during summer, holidays and vacations. However, if you enjoy scenic views, mingling with the locals and shopping, Baguio City is the perfect place for you. Here's a few of the best destinations in Baguio:
    • Burnham Park:

    This park is named after Daniel Burnham who designed it during the 1900s. There's lots of things to do here but my favourite would be the boat ride in the man-made lake. Whenever we go to Baguio, we don't pass up an opportunity to ride it.​
    • Baguio City Public Market:

    Yum, strawberries! You can only buy fresh strawberries from Baguio. And the public market is your best bet in buying them in bulk and very cheap as well.​
    • Baguio Botanical Garden:

    If you enjoy nature parks, then this is for you. You can just walk around the vicinity or maybe buy some plants, crafts and sculptures.​
    • Philippine Military Academy:

    My son adores airplanes so he loves this place. Plus, there's a museum as well where you can see memorabilia related to the academy.
    I hope this encourages everyone to visit Baguio. It has more to offer than just its cold climate. Have fun!
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  4. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    I loved Baguio City when I went there. The bus ride to get there was extremely long but it was worth it in the end, as we got to do a lot of fun stuff with the church group we were visiting at the time. I love botanical gardens and I wish I could have visited that one, but I didn't know about it until now. I'm pretty sure I saw the Philippine Military Academy but I didn't get to take a tour as we were on a tight schedule as it was. I love that sort of thing too and would have enjoyed that visit, but oh well, maybe someday. ;)
  5. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I have never been to Baguio but I've always wanted to go but never could afford it. My aunt's been there a lot because of her job as a freelance publicist/ road manager to entertainment artists (The Dawn, Gino Padilla, Solenn Heusaff and Jireh Lim to name a few). She's in fact, have been all over the Philippines and I envy her for that. She always told me that if I wanted to go to a certain location, she'll accompany me and had always suggested Baguio as a good place to go. It'll be an eight-hour travel from here in Batangas where I'm from. I've always like the strawberry wine, strawberry jam and the fresh fruits. The Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio City also makes delicious ube jam to raise money for students they're supporting. Their products are limited per person though because a lot of people really buy them.

    Strawberry products (fresh fruit, wine and jam)

    The famous Ube Jam by Good Shepherd Sisters
  6. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    @maxen57, we always go to Batangas for the beach resort during summer. Last month we were in Canyon Cove and after 2 weeks in Punta Fuego. Last year it was the Matabungkay area and in previous years our haunt is Laiya. We liked Batangas because it is near Metro Manila and a 2 to 3 hours travel is not that tedious like the 6-hour travel to Baguio. Our last trip to Baguio was 3 years ago when the highway in Pangasinan was being widened. You can imagine the construction going on with portions leaving only 1 lane passable. We had to wait for 10 to 20 minutes for the traffic stop because of the alternate scheme in some portions. Our total travel time was 12 hours, that's from 5am in the house and 5pm in Baguio City. ]

    On a good note, the Pangasinan highway has been completely widened and travel is much faster than the usual 6 hours. I just don't know how fast since we haven't been there yet.
  7. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @maxen57 what is Ube? It looks somewhat like the color of Japanese purple sweet potatoes...I wonder if it's similar!
  8. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    @amelia88 Ube are purple yams. We have two types of sweet potatoes as well, the white and purple ones which I think are more similar to Japan's sweet potatoes although I saw in an anime once that they sell roasted yams during the winter. Yams and sweet potatoes are popular here but the recipe for ube jam varies. I just think the jam produced by the Good Shepherd sisters are the best.
  9. christine

    christine New Member

    For those who enjoy horseback riding and souvenir shopping, you might want to drop by the Wright Park. The last time we went riding, a 30-minute ride cost us the equivalent of only $5.

    Then there's the Mines View Park where you can enjoy a view of Baguio City's outskirts.

    I regularly go to Baguio to relax and detox. I would spend the mornings walking, jogging, or biking in Burnham Park and binge on fresh fruits and veggies. It's a 10-hour ride from Laguna, our place, but its worth it.
  10. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    @christine, I do not recommend Wright Park for the horseback riding. We were there the other year and I was disappointed when my 2 nieces took a ride, each got their own horse. After a lap, the horse would rest for 3 to 5 minutes and they it can again run for another lap. Take note that the lap is a short one. When I asked the guide why the horse had stopped, he said that it needed to rest. That means one lap run requires rest. So in effect you are paying more for the time the horse was resting sine the lap takes just a minute or 2 and the rest takes more time than that. What we enjoyed most was the boat ride in the lagoon of Burnham Park which is not expensive and the operators are very considerate with the extra time.
  11. christine

    christine New Member

    @Corzhens, that's too bad. Must have been disappointing for the kids! I've been to Wright Park countless times since I was a kid and I never had that experience and if I did, I would have asked the stable owner to replace the horse as there are other options around. My nephews would also ride two at a time and never had problems with the horse wanting to rest. Not fair to discourage people just because of your experience. The boat ride at the Burnham Park is indeed cheap and enjoyable and we always make it a point to not just ride but paddle. You just have to choose good boats as there are old and dilapidated ones that are still being rented out. We try to enjoy anything and everything as it is a long, long ride from home.
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