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Bangkok Is This Years Top Travel Destination

Discussion in 'Asia' started by amelia88, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I saw an article online which was a study conducted by card issuer MasterCard, about the most popular travel destination of the year.

    The article said that Bangkok topped the 2016 listing of 132 cities, beating London, Paris and Dubai to become the city most visited by international travellers.

    Have you been to Bangkok? Is it somewhere that's on your travel radar perhaps, if you haven't been there?
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    We were in Bangkok last March of this year together with my nieces and nephew. The 5 of us occupied 2 rooms of the Gateway hotel which was a new hotel. Unlike in other parts of Asia, cost of living in Thailand is cheaper so the hotel is affordable and also the food. It was our second time to visit Bangkok but the first time to see the open zoo which has a safari trip. It was a wonderful experience especially the feeding of the giraffe that number to more than a hundred. I guess it is only right that Bangkok be named the top destination because it has so many to offer a tourist. Even the simple floating market is a spectacle to the foreigners. By the way, another plus for Bangkok is the honesty of the people. You are safe with your transactions, no one will scam you.
  3. I have been to Bangkok many times. However, I have never liked Bangkok. There was a time in my life when I had to go up to Bangkok quite regularly. I lived in South Thailand, so I would go up to Hatyai which is the biggest city in the Deep South, spend a night there and take the first flight to Bangkok the next morning. I didn't have to book my flight beforehand because there were flights from Hatyai to Bangkok every thirty minutes. When I reach Bangkok, I would have breakfast in the airport itself. Surprisingly, the food at the Bangkok airport is good and the prices are the same as outside the airport. I would meet the people I had planned to meet at the airport itself. By noon, I would have finished my work in Bangkok. Then I would have lunch at the airport with my business associates and take the next plane back to Hatyai. I wouldn't step into the city if I could help it. The traffic jam is simply horrible.
  4. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I've never been to Bangkok and have never wanted to go there. But I guess I wouldn't mind visiting it if I had the opportunity to. I love traveling and since I know almost nothing about Bangkok, I think it'll be an interesting experience.
  5. If you ever go to Bangkok, there are a few places which I go to and I would recommend. If you are into things related to computers, you must visit the Panthip Plaza. There are other malls selling computers but Panthip Plaza is where everything is at. If you are into mobile phones, then you must visit MBK. If you are interested in secondhand things, consider a visit to Ban Mo. They sell just about everything on the roadside. If you want a place where you can eat all you want, then MK is a good place. For a fixed price per head, you can eat as much as you want. The only condition is that you must finish whatever you put on your plate. Otherwise, you have to pay a fine.
  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    My favorite thing to do when I travel is learn how to cook the local cuisine, and I really like Thai food so I think if I could find a cooking class in Bangkok that would absolutely be something I would want to do!

    More than Bangkok though I would adore visiting Chiang Mai - I've had friends tell me it's absolutely wonderful there!
  7. If you are into cooking @amelia88, then you don't have to go to Bangkok to do that. It's simply too busy a city to get much done. You would be spending half your day just sitting in a traffic jam. I would recommend, if you have the time, to start from Malaysia. Then cross into Thailand at its southernmost point, which is Sungai Kolok. This is where the Thai railway system starts going north. You can travel very cheaply on the train. Go third class. You will get to meet a lot of people. I found that people who travel third class are much more friendly and much more ready to start a conversation. There are also all kinds of food being sold at all the railways stations on the way. Just make sure you have your money ready and make a quick decision because the stops are not that long, maybe five or ten minutes only. Plus every stop has got different food. The first major city you will meet is Hatyai. Get off there. Don't stay in Hatyai. Go to Songkhla which is just about 20 kilometers away by the sea. In Songkhla, you can get fresh seafood everyday. I am sure you can find some helpful hawkers by the roadside who are willing to let you see how they cook their food. It's still a long way to Bangkok but, if you have the time, it's a great start to exploring Thailand.
  8. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I've been to Malaysia before but only to Penang - it was a short trip of 5 days but I loved it! I did a cooking school there in Penang and it was awesome - I wish that I did Thailand on the same trip, but I just was pressed for time and felt like if I tried to do both I would be missing out on too much!

    It's definitely on the agenda for sometime hopefully in the not too distant future :)
  9. Did you say Penang? That's where I spent my young adult days. It's a beautiful place. Everything is so within reach. You can spend the morning on the beach and the evening up on Penang Hill. The food comes in many varieties. There are lots of delicious dishes from the Chinese, Malays and Indians. The best part is that it's not expensive. By the way, @amelia88 , what do you do for a living? Do you write cook books?
  10. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    It is in the papers today that Bangkok is the most visited city in Asia for this year. Included in the list are Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Seoul. Of the top 6 cities, we still haven't been to the last two, i.e. Tokyo and Seoul although we have a trip to Osaka, Japan next year. I am wondering when Manila would be included in the list. Maybe we have to spruce up our place so that tourists will start to notice Manila. But with the ongoing war against illegal drugs, I don't think we can qualify even in the top 20 cities.
  11. On the contrary, I think the ongoing war against illegal drugs will eventually clean up Manila and make it a top tourist destination. As you have pointed out in other threads, The Philippines has a lot to offer. All that is needed is the assurance that the tourists will have peace of mind when they travel there. True, the ongoing war against illegal drugs is rather violent at the moment. However, it's something which has to be done. As they say, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
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