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Being Delayed For A Transit Flight

Discussion in 'North America' started by Corzhens, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Have you been traveling with a transit flight or do you prefer a direct flight? From what I heard, a direct flight is more expensive and if you want to get cheaper tickets, go for a transit flight where you change planes in one stopover destination. But the hazard of being late for your transit flight looms large when involving the Manila airport because arrivals there are usually delayed by 30 minutes or so. That would be hazardous for a passenger with a transit flight to catch.
  2. I don't remember having been on any transit flight because I have never been on such long journeys by plane. What I did remember was being stuck at the Kuala Lumpur airport while waiting for a flight. It was after a conference. I checked out of the hotel at noon, as usual. Then I went straight to the airport hoping to catch the first flight home. Alas, the first available flight was quite late that night. To go back into the city was rather meaningless since I had already finished my business there. I ended up napping on the floor in the waiting area. There were also some other travelers doing the same thing, so I suppose it's quite a normal thing to do. The floor was very clean, though. Just put the knapsack against the wall and take a nap.
  3. Ava

    Ava Member

    It depends where you are traveling to and what airline. Some airlines such as KLM are slightly cheaper as they use Amsterdam as a hub to change flights, and some airlines match the price when it's direct.

    Much depends on the time of day as some airlines 'create' flights by using transit flights to be more competitive. They can also be more expensive depending on the route. Prices depend on demand and also how popular the route is.
  4. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    Even though transit flights are cheaper, I still prefer direct flights. It's more comfortable and it's less stressful for me. I know that even if there's a delay and I miss my second flight things can be done so that I can get on the next one, but I would rather not be bothered by it. It's extremely stressful for me, especially if I'm transferring at a country that I'm unfamiliar with.
  5. Ava

    Ava Member

    I don't mind a transit flight if there is good duty free, in fact I prefer to stop off at Dubai just for that alone. I also don't like to use plane restrooms so a transit flight allows me to get a break and use them in the airport. There are pros and cons, but as long as the transit times aren't too long, it can make my journey more comfortable.