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Best Cave Spot

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Rubie, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Rubie

    Rubie Member

    Caves are natural underground space that is perfect for person who love to explore and see uniques things in the world. Caves are preserved to maintain its organic structure. Caves can be found throughout the world but small portions of them are only explored and documented by the cavers probably because of inadequate space to explore and absence of entry. But caves supernatural formations are undeniably enchanting.

    So far the best cave for me is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves located at North Island, New Zealand. It is exist for more than 100 years and attract people because of its glowworm that produces amazing sight to see. Hopefully I could visit this cave soon, looks fantastic.
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  2. planetX

    planetX Member

    I read about these caves somewhere earlier. The caves became famous due to the high population of glowworms that live in these caves. I have seen the images, it is just amazing to see those worms producing blue green lights from the ceiling. These tiny creatures are found exclusively in those caves. A visit to this place would be once in a life time experience. The cave is also famous for extraordinary limestone formations.
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  3. Rubie

    Rubie Member

    It seems magical, right? What more if you're in that place? It is an extraordinary feeling I guess. Its probably a once in a lifetime, as what you have mentioned and this place really features how beautiful a natural creation can be, mysterious yet amazing
  4. planetX

    planetX Member

    The picture you shared gives a dream like feeling and it is quite remarkable to see the lights in the cave ceiling like an open sky.

    The cave has two large chambers which are interlinked. First chamber is known as presentation cave where you will go through a video on Glow Worms. This chamber is full of information about the cave. Once it is through, you will be taken to the real cave where these creatures are present in the ceiling.

    They are as tiny as a mosquito. You can see thousands of them glowing at the same time like stars in the sky! These worms need ideal environmental conditions to survive which is being provided by the equipments installed there.
  5. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Aside from the Waitomo Cave, I can also recommend the following caves in Australia:
    • Jewel Cave:

    It has the largest straw stalactite collection in the world. And in Australia, it's one of the largest show caves, with a depth of about 42 metres. It's quite contradicting though that it is one of the youngest caves in the world. Another interesting fact, an ancient Tasmanian tiger fossil was found here.​
    • Jenolan Caves:

    I think what's interesting about this cave is the ghost stories and legends that come with it. And of course, the addition of music to enhance the tours is also one of them. ​
    • Capricorn Caves:

    There's lots of tour options for this cave. I particularly like the Wild Caving Adventure where participants have to squeeze their way to an undeniably small diameter cave opening. If that's not your thing, consider the Underground Opera Show or the tour of the Cathedral Cave.
    I hope this helps anyone out there!

  6. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    Wow - these photos are incredible! I am not a huge fan of being underground, but if the space is big enough I think I would be fine. Not sure I would enjoy having to squeeze through tiny spaces to get to this wonderful place, but I would do it to see this view!
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I am not a cave person maybe because of my claustrophobia. But I have been in some caves. One great cave is the one in Bolinao (I have posted a thread about Bolinao, a town in Pangasinan province north of Metro Manila). The cave is small and has lighting so you can fully see the interior. The attraction of that cave is the water inside which is like a pool. People swim in the 3 feet of water that is very clear. And the owner of the place say that the water is miraculous. With the mention of miraculous, one can easily guess that people are attracted for the healing properties of the cave water.
  8. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    My goodness, I do like to be in a cave like in the first picture. It would be like being in an entirel different universe. The Naracoorte Caves National Park has a museum where fossil deposits are on display that you can get a closer look at. This educational trip would be good for your kids. The surrounding area is also a spot for horseback riding and camping. There's nothing like a good trip to one single location where you can do a lot of fun activities.
  9. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    The cave in the first post reminds of something you'd see in a Disney or Studio Ghibli film. I want to see it in real life. Anything bioluminescent to me is like shiny baubles to a cat. Must touch.

    New Zealand and Australia have such amazing landscapes and natural wonders.

    The other caves remind me of the caves and caverns throughout Central Pennsylvania, USA, that you could take tours through and collect glittering rocks or ride boats. Very cool places to check out.