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Best Great Barrier Reef Dive Companies

Discussion in 'Australia' started by amelia88, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I was lucky enough to get to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef a couple of years back, and had a really good experience with the tour company Passions of Paradise. The staff were good, safety conscious and also very much advocating for the protection of the reef.

    It was very professionally run and I would highly recommend them if you're looking at snorkelling the reef.

    Anyone else have any recommendations for others on tour companies that offer snorkelling expeditions of the reef?
  2. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Thank you for the recommendation. I have tried a different company though, it's called "Wavelength Reef Cruises." They are very professional as well and guided us thoroughly then. The staff briefed us on the gears that we were going to use and fitted us with the equipments as well. What I love about them is that they helped us all throughout the experience. They point out various marine life forms that we might otherwise have missed. They are very hands-on with the whole experience, that we enjoyed the trip very well.

    Aside from that, after snorkelling, we get to ask the marine staff and experts any questions we might have. It's a very interactive experience and we have learned quite a lot from the experts. There's also lunch served on deck and the food was delicious. Afterwards, we were allowed to explore the reefs on our own but the staff are still there to look out for us.

    That's about it, I highly recommend this company as well. I also recommend snorkelling and seeing the marine life up close rather than just sunbathing and viewing it from a far. It's well worth it and very much an experience you won't regret.
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  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @Coco I totally agree - it was one of my bucket list items and it was amazing seeing it all close up. The coral was incredible and the marine life was just amazing - I saw so many brightly colored fish and I even saw a sea turtle - it felt like I was swimming around in a giant aquarium!!

    Passions of Paradise also did a great lunch on board and that was really yummy - I think after being out swimming everyone tends to get quite hungry, so it was great that they had a delicious lunch prepared for us too. It just made the whole trip out there a lot more enjoyable!
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  4. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I would really need to learn how to swim first then to dive to be able to appreciate the marine adventure offered in Australia. I envy those who know deep sea diving because they are able to interact in a whole different world from the surface. The Great Barrier Reef is like the mecca of marine life that any diver would want to experience. For now maybe I'd just visit the aquariums if I can't find any means of instruction.
  5. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    How does snorkeling there work? Is it like a complete day thing? Get on the boat in the morning, they take you to the locations, you go snorkeling there... maybe move around a little with the boat, have lunch etc. More snorkeling and get back in the evening?