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Burning Man

Discussion in 'North America' started by Sissi Beau, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Sissi Beau

    Sissi Beau New Member

    Since I found out about this festival I have been wanting to go to there. The idea of a city created in the middle of the desert with creativity and art as the inspiration is like a dream, and the community behind it seems so bohemian and accepting. To me this truly counts as a tourism attraction, at least to people like me who like to try new things and to share experiences. Would you go to burning man if you had the chance?
  2. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    I would certainly go to burning man festival if I have had chance. This is considered one of the greatest festivals on earth, even though it does not have a long history, or cultural importance compared to other famous festivals. The tradition of burning effigies looks similar to other festivals, for instance, in Dushera, a Hindu festival in Nepal/India, an effigy of demon Ravana is burnt.
  3. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    At first, I thought you were referring to the movie.

    Anyway, this sounds interesting. I would definitely want to participate in this kind of festival. I have a lot of artist friends and I think that we would enjoy the Burning Man Festival.
  4. Catchmeifyoucan

    Catchmeifyoucan New Member

    Burning man usually has some pretty cool musical acts. Burning down works of art to return things back to the earth is pretty awesome. I would consider going to it, but I never feel like I can just spend a large some of money to go to a concert festival. Even though the price may be worth it, I usually hold out for the cheaper concerts.