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Cherry Blossoms In Osaka, Japan

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Corzhens, May 18, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    We have a trip to Osaka, Japan for the cherry blossoms next year, that's late March. This is our first time to Japan and I understand that we have to get a visa some 3 months before the actual trip. I also understand that Japan is an expensive place so we have increased our budget for the expenses. Of course, we have to learn a little Nihonggo.

    What other sights are there to see in Osaka? And what can we do there on our 4-night stay? We still don't have an accommodation since the trip is still next year. But does anyone here have a recommended hotel?
  2. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    If you're going to Osaka for less than 3 months, you don't have to worry about applying for a visa. You will get a tourist visa on arrival from Immigration that is good for up to 90 days. As for the price, Osaka is not as expensive as the Tokyo Metropolitan area, so whatever you gather will probably be more than enough! Make use of 100 yen shops and discount grocery stores like Seiyu (open 24 hours) and Daiso. If you want to learn a little Japanese, don't hesitate to message me! I'm living in Japan and am fluent in Japanese. More than happy to give you some usual phrases.

    Osaka is quite miraculous. I highly recommend the Osaka Castle park that has some Edo and earlier period castles; Shitennoji Temple; Hozen Temple; Namba Park (an amusement park if you like that kind of stuff); Shinsaibashi, a crazy busy street full of entertainment; and of course, the food! Here's a good article about some of the best food locations in Osaka: HERE.

    As for hotels, I recommend a traditional Japanese ryokan. You can get the full Japanese customer service experience, excellent food, sleep in a Japanese style room, and get to wear Japanese robes. Sometimes, these places even have the acclaimed Japanese-style hot spring (onsen).
  3. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I went hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Osaka this year. It was beautiful, but it was CROWDED. People were everywhere. And despite being "spring" it was actually quite hot when I went. So I recommend being prepared for this (pack appropriately and bring tons of water/buy tons of drinks).

    I would also recommend Osaka Castle. There are plenty of cherry blossoms around there so you might be able to hit two birds with one stone (see sakura and visit the castle). Don't forget to also check out the famous Glico man and try takoyaki! It's one of my favorite Osaka foods.

    As for accommodations, I live close enough that I can do a day trip to Osaka. But when I went to USJ last year, I stayed in a hotel so I could get to the park early. I stayed at "Dormy Inn Umeda Higashi Natural Hot Spring" and it was pretty nice and affordable. It's also really close to the shopping district and the train stations. If you'd like, you can check it out.

    P.S.: I don't know if it applies to you, but you might want to do some research on train passes that are only available to tourists. Japan usually has this kind of passes and it's a steal if you plan on riding the trains.