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City Of Manila

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Corzhens, May 13, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Manila is the capital city of the Philippines that is situated by the side of Manila Bay. Hotels facing the bay has the most occupants because of the famous Manila Bay sunset. Nearby is Intramuros, the area where vintage Cathedral and church are located. Intramuros has the famed cobblestone roads where horse carriages traverse. Fronting Intramuros is Fort Santiago, a former Japanese garrison that is now an open museum. And between Intramuros and the bayside hotels is Rizal Park also called Luneta. There's also the Cultural Center grounds which is a park by itself. There's also a hotel inside the Cultural Center grounds.

    Despite the urban image of Manila, tourists enjoy the cultural and historical spots that are interesting not only to foreigners but also to the locals.
  2. Great planning Corzhens! What I enjoy most in Manila are not only the historical and beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture but the eco-adventure trips as well! Tanay, Rizal is a great place to see old Churches, sample their local fair and jump in Danarak Falls for a refreshingly unique trip. The museums in Manila are great as well be sure to visit the National Gallery, the Ayala Museum and the college galleries that exhibit Manansalas, Juan Luna and other famous Filipino painters.