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Climate And Weather To Be Considered When Traveling

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Corzhens, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    We went to Beijing in January of last year. We didn't have the idea that it would be freezing much more when we arrived at midnight, we were just glad that there was the hotel's van to pick us up. That was a neat lesson to us so now we are always checking the climate and weather of the country before we embark on the trip. Next month we have a trip to Singapore and the weather would be just fine, not warm but not cold enough to bring a jacket.
  2. I think if you are a citizen of an ASEAN country, traveling to any ASEAN country would be a cinch. The climate is probably the last thing you have to worry about. Even if you go up north to Chiangmai in Thailand, the weather is not that cold. Just cool. Oh, look out for rain, though. However, if you are a citizen of an ASEAN country, rain is no big deal. We have lots of rain all over ASEAN.
  3. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Before traveling I have to find what the weather will be like in the place I'll be visiting. I hate cold weather so Winter travel is something I never do. In fact that's the reason I prefer traveling to the tropics because the weather is always good almost all year round.
  4. reverserewind

    reverserewind Member

    Yep, that's pretty important, especially If you live in the area that's far away from the place you want to see.

    Do you trust Google when it comes to checking what's the weather like?
  5. I think Google should give a rough idea what the weather is like. Alternatively, you can look up webcams around the world. Then you can actually see, in real time, what the climate is like. The best way to find out is just to go on Facebook and ask in any of the groups in the area you are interested in. That will give you the real information on the ground.