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Continental Breakfast?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ava, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Ava

    Ava Member

    I grimace when I see that on a hotel description as it usually means bread, some jam, and maybe some cereal. There are places in Europe with a good continental breakfast, but I don't rate them. What do you consider to be a good continental breakfast?

    I like pastries, croissants, or a pain au chocolat with coffee or hot chocolate.
  2. There is a hotel in San Juan Capistrano that has a pancake machine with fresh hot pancakes with butter and syrup. Then there are muffins, bagels, croissants, cereals. The milk, juice, yogurt, and fruit is in a separate refrigerator so it stays cold. There is a huge basket of fresh fruit. You also have hot coffee and a variety of teas to choose from. If you get early, they're are also eggs, bacon, and sausage.
  3. Just curious. What exactly is a continental breakfast? How different would it be from, say, an American breakfast or a British breakfast? Here in Thailand or Malaysia, breakfast is basically something with rice. Not as heavy a meal as lunch or dinner but still with rice as the base. A favorite is nasi lemak ie rice cooked with coconut milk. This is eaten together with fried anchovies, groundnuts, and a spicy paste. Here's how it looks like:

  4. Ava

    Ava Member

    A continental breakfast is usually cold, so consists of bread, cereal, fruit, and some pastries. Many hotels offer it because it's cheap and doesn't require much setting up, but what is on offer can vary. A poor one can be with a basket of fruit, a loaf of bread and some jam, and a good one can have muffins, bagels, and a variety of spreads. Most offer a juice and basic coffee and tea bags.

    Places offer that free, and an upgrade to a cooked breakfast which requires more work. I have seen some continental ones with cold boiled eggs which is good, but not many places. I always find eggs a good breakfast food.