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Controversial Topic: Would you try weed if you will get to visit the Netherlands

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Future_Martian, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Future_Martian

    Future_Martian New Member

    There are hundreds of reasons why you should visit The Netherlands. If you want a piece of History you can visit museums like the Rembrandt Museum, Anne Frank House and Verzets Museum . Keukenhof is a Spring Garden with the most colorful flowers you had ever seen. You can also see the beautiful windmills and try dutch cheeses which is one of the best cheeses ever.

    There are so many beautiful tourist attractions in the Netherlands but there are tourists who goes there because of something that is illegal in many countries...The Marijuana!

    This controversial plant is illegal in most countries but it is legal in the Netherlands. Here is my question , Would you be curious enough to try it if you get to visit this country?
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  2. Sissi Beau

    Sissi Beau New Member

    Right now, if you go to Amsterdam it's almost obligatory to smoke or to eat something with cannabis (like going to France and taking a picture with the Eiffel Tower) . But I wouldn't try weed just because I visited a country where weed is legal, especially if I didn't wanted to try it in the first place. Anyway, I'm ok with the consume of marijuana so I probably would try it if I ever visit the Netherlands. I'm actually saving up money for an Interrail and that is one of my destinations.
  3. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Yeah I've done it in the past. Actually I've visited the Netherlands like.... well... somewhere between 5 and 10 times. Only smoked once as it's not really my thing but I still go to coffee shops with friends etc. It's a lovely country and I certainly recommend visiting... and why not give the coffee shops a try while you are there?
  4. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I've never smoked weed, nor have I been inclined to try it. However, if I was enjoying my time in the Netherlands and someone I met offered we'd go for smoke, I'd try it. It is, after all, a part of the culture now, and I love immersing myself in other places and customs.
  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I've been to Amsterdam around 3 or 4 times myself, and even though I don't smoke cannabis at home, I'll smoke it while I'm there. It's not that you feel under pressure to, I just think that while it's available then I might aswell.

    Only advice I'd give is that it's usually quite strong, even for those people that are used to smoking it regularly so try and go for a more mellow one and especially if you're not used to it.
  6. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    And ask when you are not sure! The guys working in the coffee shops know their products pretty well and they are definitely used to tourists coming there and asking for help.
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  7. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Definitely. They're like a barista but instead of coffee they know all about cannabis!

    I'd imagine that most tourists who visit Amsterdam would at some point have a smoke, because it's probably become one of the main tourist attractions of the city. With that in mind I'd say most people who work in the coffee shops will be used to being asked about what they sell.
  8. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    I've never tried smoking weed, and I probably never will. Even if it's given to me for free.

    But I'd probably try the space cake or pot brownies. I can never say no to brownies. ;)
  9. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Interesting. What would make you say no to smoking it but yes to eating it?
    Pro tip: the space cakes are a lot stronger than you would think! :D
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  10. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    HA!HA! I meant it as a joke. :D Actually, we also have pot brownies here in my country and I've been offered to try it many times. But I never did have the guts to have a bite. I guess I'm just too chicken to try. I was even offered to try shrooms. I also declined. A friend of mine said that I don't need those anyway because I'm already on my natural high. ;)

    By the way, thanks for the tip @crimsonghost747. I'll keep that in mind.
  11. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    Yeah, so controversial :) I would go there to smoke weed since here it is very much illegal and I just sometimes have to be very careful when buying. Here in Serbia the sentence for possessing weed or God forbid selling, can be bigger then the one for a murder. I am not joking. I know people who were in jail for murder for 7 years only . Holland is a great place for all kinds of bad behaviour and I am a little rascal so yes I would go for sure :)
  12. GenevB

    GenevB New Member

    I agree with smoking as being obligatory if you went to Amsterdam like visiting Eiffel Tower if you went to Paris, but I can't see why people are being so narrow minded on this one. I would definitely go to a coffee shop and try it, first because I am very curious and second because it's a main attraction and by now it has become by far part of the Dutch culture. I can't see a good enough reason not to try it if you ever get to Netherlands.
  13. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Well it's always up to you. If you don't feel like giving it a try then there is no pressure to do so.
    I smoked a few times when I visited Amsterdam the first time. Honestly it didn't do much for me, I felt completely normal. Then I tried a space cake and well... that's a whole other story! :D I wouldn't use either on a more permanent basis, it's not my thing, but I felt like it was worth it to give them both a try.
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  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    That's the best part about Amsterdam, as it really does solely depend on what you want to do. Smoke it, don't smoke it, the choice is yours with no pressure from anyone, and you can see why people who want it legalised in other countries are holding up Amsterdam as a blueprint to how it could work in other cities around the world.
  15. ellajanelle

    ellajanelle Member

    I would choose not to try to smoke weed just because I wouldn't want to risk my chances of getting addicted to it. In the first place, I'm not really curious as to how it feels to smoke weed and I do not want to know. Haha! But I would love, love, loooove to visit the Netherlands for its historic feel! I love everything and anything from the past :)
  16. Noreht

    Noreht New Member

    Even though it is illegal in most countries, it is not very hard to come by, so if you have ever been interested in smoking I suppose it would be easy enough to do so. I personally would not smoke it just because I am there. Like OP mentioned, there are many beautiful tourist attractions that are available to visit so I would rather do that.
  17. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    Probably when I visit Amsterdam, I'd give them a try. I admit that I am really curious about weed and I was attempted to try it a few times but it's illegal here and I don't want to get caught using is so I always chicken out. But in Amsterdam, it's legal, so I guess it would be safe for me to use it there. HE!HE! ;)
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  18. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Hmmm... From what I've read, coffee shops are only allowed to sell up to five grams of cannabis per person in the Netherlands. Home owners can also cultivate cannabis but only up to five plants per house are allowed. Some apparatuses are also illegal to be used. There are other restrictions as well although it's nowhere as lenient as with any other country. So in that sense, cannabis is loosely prohibited in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam.

    Anyway, I doubt that I would try it out. The possibility of being addicted isn't good enough for me. I know, I know... It's not a hard drug per se but I just don't want to take that risk. I am an adventure and thrill seeker but only to an extent. If I know that my actions can result to something bad, then I won't continue on the risk.

    Besides, there are lots of potential tourist destinations in the Netherlands... I would rather explore those than cannabis, lol!
  19. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Yeah it's limited, I would assume this is mainly to stop people from buying big amounts and just transporting it across the borders. 5 grams a day will certainly keep your worries away, no need to buy more. :p
  20. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Today at CNN, I saw the news about a statewide rally of marijuana smokers. I think it is in Colorado, not sure. But in that particular state, smoking marijuana is legal although not allowed in public. But in the rally, they lit up their marijuana sticks all at the same time. No arrests were reported.

    I am not a smoker even of cigarette and I neither drink alcohol. But with marijuana if it is legal maybe I don't have the appetite to try it. And if it becomes legal here in our country, I think that would be a better alternative to using illegal drugs.
  21. nenjiavero

    nenjiavero New Member

    I was in Amsterdam twice, actually. Both times it was in 2013 (spring and fall).
    I did try their brownies (mmmmm tasty, but there were no dank effects)

    I also tried their weed in two different Coffee shops - one was the very popular Bulldog, and I can't remember the name of the second one.

    Disclaimer: I am not smoking cigarettes or weed, so these were "why not try" occasions

    The weed didn't have any effects on me, but I could notice that those who smoked it before had a really great time. They weren't tripping, but just relaxed and laid back.
    It was a fun night, without any ugly happenings or situations. If I go to Amsterdam again, I'll try their weed again too - and this time a stronger one, so I hope to reach the relaxed state like my friends did.
  22. GemmaRowlands

    GemmaRowlands New Member

    Yes, I would. I think it is a lot safer over there, because it is regulated. When you buy it from my country (the UK), you never really know what you're going to get, and dealers will mix it with other things, including cooking herbs like oregano, to make it look as though you're getting more than you really are, so that they can charge you more for it. I think that this is a horrible thing to do, and it wouldn't happen if the drug was legal and properly regulated!
  23. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    Definitely not. It's just not my thing. I'd sooner have a bottle of wine! I also think that if you are with a group of friends, and some are having weed but some aren't, you are going to end up in a situation where the dynamic just won't work, so I wouldn't go with friends to Amsterdam if they were going to spend time in the caf├ęs.
  24. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I don't think I would, no. It's illegal here where I live, so despite being somewhere that legalizes it, I would still have the mentality that I was breaking the law. Plus, I just don't have any big desire to do it. There's so many other things I would be interested in seeing in the Netherlands, that trying weed would quite literally be at the bottom of that list.
  25. omgidk

    omgidk New Member

    I had not previously known that marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, but I have to say I probably would not try it. I've never tried drugs before and I wouldn't want to get addicted, much less lose control of myself in a foreign country. Besides, I'm sure there are plenty of fun things to do in the Netherlands that do not involve drugs.
  26. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I don't see the need for me to try marijuana just because it's legal there. If people are about the health benefits they can get from it, wouldn't it be better to just juice the leaves instead of smoking them? They can get the most out of the leaves if it can be ingested in some way but more often than not, people only use it to get high that's why people are hell bent on fighting for its legalization by using the fact that the plant does have medicinal properties. If only for those who have diseases that can be eased by taking marijuana, sure. It would still be better to be taken freshly juiced.
  27. reverserewind

    reverserewind Member

    It feels like the person who started the thread is just driven by his stereotypes about people who live in Netherlands and, probably, the cultural stereotypes in general.

    Trying marijuana isn't a big deal to those who are willing to try or to those who have been heavy smokers for a quite long period of time. Legal or not, they don't give a damn whatsoever. Personally, I'm not interested in exploring the effects of weed on me. I don't smoke. Moreover, I can even say that I never smoked in my life. Making a couple of cigarette inhales at the age of 12 or 13 doesn't count. I don't enjoy the whole thing, so I don't want/need weed in my life.

    Btw, I'm not anti-legalization. That's another story.
  28. UnslaadKrosis

    UnslaadKrosis New Member

    Why not? I'm not an avid weed smoker (or ANY smoker in general), but if somebody does offer me a joint, I'll be happy to take a puff. But I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to smoke weed just because it's legal in the country.
  29. Lynk

    Lynk Member

    Well they have legal weed here where I am, Oregon, and several other states in the USA now, so you really don't need to travel all that way to get it. ;) But I'd still try it, I'd love to see what the cafes are like there. I know they are different than the legal places in the USA. However, since you can get it legally many places here, this would never be my primary reason to visit. Still, I think I'd have to check it out if I went there.
  30. Francis

    Francis New Member

    I do see my neighbours smoke weed illegally but I have never tried have a puff. I don't think that I'll try smoke it first in Netherlands. I am still doing some research and if I'll have to try it here then I can enjoy smoking it freely in Netherlands...
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
  31. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Interesting point. In the Netherlands it's basicsally exactly what it says.. a coffee shop. A cafe. Basically like anywhere else in Europe, except these don't have outside seating. And you can order weed as well as coffee. :p That's about it. How are they in the USA?
  32. Lynk

    Lynk Member

    In Oregon, they are dispensaries. We had medical marijuana here first and only recently legalized recreational use, so many businesses were already established here to treat medical customers. They have a small waiting room in front where they check your ID and they only let a few people in at a time to the main area where they sell the weed, where they are basically set up like a store, selling herb by the gram as well as a variety of marijuana infused food and drink items and items like pipes. In general they offer nice personalized recommendations and service. It is not legal to take it publicly here though, so you can't hang out and consume it there, so it definitely doesn't have the social atmosphere they have in the Netherlands.
  33. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Weed might be illegal in many places but if you wanted to get hold of it and smoke it, odds are you wouldn't be caught. In any case if you are in the U.S and want to smoke weed, spend a weekend in Colorado. Heck, "Weed tourism" in Colorado is actually a thing.

    That said, I wouldn't visit Holland because of weed. I'd visit the country for other attractions.
  34. Miya

    Miya Active Member


    I don't smoke weed and even if I did, it wouldn't be worth going to the Netherlands just for weed.

    And let's be real here, if I wanted to smoke weed, there are always ways to get it. Illegal, yes, but it's not unobtainable.
  35. No, I don't think so, I don't think I am going to try weed if ever I were to go to The Netherlands. It's just something I don't intend to try. Despite all that I have read to the contrary about weed not being worse than cigarettes, or even better than cigarettes, I still feel that it does something to my brain. My brain is sacrosanct. That's the only thing which differentiates me from an animal. If anything goes wrong with my brain, then I won't be me anymore. So, no, thank you, no weeds for me in The Netherlands, or anywhere else for that matter.