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Indonesian Action Films - "the Raid"

Discussion in 'Asia' started by ZipMedia, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. ZipMedia

    ZipMedia New Member

    Indonesia is a country that has completely fallen out of my radar since Freshman year of high school. I had only rediscovered it in context to one of their exported media; the two movies The Raid: Redemption, and The Raid: Berendal. They draw a lot of similarities from action comedies from the more prominent Asian countries, but take on a darker and more violent style. I was primarily impressed with the camera work in the scenes, and how clear everything was. Unlike American action movies which use quick cuts to hide the lack of action choreography in fight scenes, The Raid manages to put it on an almost artistic pedestal.

    Iko Uwais takes on the protagonist Rama, who is an experienced fighter. He's recently been included in a cameo scene in the new Star Wars film and both movies have granted him a lot of cult-Western exposure. They have even inspired some American pieces such as John Wick.