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Isle Of Wight Ferry Cost

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Derek, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Derek

    Derek New Member

    We are going to the Isle of Wight at the end of August and currently, I am working out the holiday expenses for which I also need to know what the Isle of Wight ferry cost is?

    I have tried to search on the internet but the cost is coming up different everywhere, so I think it would be best to get my answer from here.

    Please provide details of the return fare if it works out to be different than getting a one way ticket.
  2. Derek P

    Derek P New Member

    Hi, Derek.

    The ferry cost for a one way fare to the Isle of Wight is anything from £73 to £80.

    A return ferry cost to the Isle of Wight is from £165 to £180.

    Both of the fares above are when traveling with Wightlink.

    These are just rough estimates of the cost, prices change depending on when you travel and how much in advance you book your tickets.