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King Ludwig's Finest

Discussion in 'Europe' started by AureliaTea, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. AureliaTea

    AureliaTea New Member

    Well, I've noticed that no one has mentioned Bavaria as a location for travelling and I thought I just might. Bavaria has many attractions, but what I've enjoyed the most were the castles King Ludwig had built. Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof - you name it, I've been there. Now that I have the complete image of his architectural feats, I should - in theory - be able to decide which one is my favourite; only, it doesn't work like that. Each of these locations has its perks and each is just as memorable as the other, with different attractions to see. Considering that Neuschwanstein is the most popular castle in Germany, I thought I might as well start with that one and move to Herrenchiemsee and finally, Linderhof.

    Out of all three, Neuschwanstein will impress the most. The inside is probably as luxuriously done as in the other two castles, but it is built so high in the mountains that even when you're still so far away, you can feel its presence. The eye looks up towards the sky and... seeing the white stone rising from the treetops is a remarkable view. The ascent can be very challenging. We took the bus up, which was the fastest way, but also the most challenging one - at least for me. I only started thinking about it when the bus was already in motion - steep hill, sharp turns, small street (it had been meant for carriages!!) - it's a recipe for disaster, at least that's what it felt looking down onto the brooks and dips - just waiting for a pitfall. The unexpected brought the feeling of uneasiness throughout the whole ascent. Now that I know what to expect, I'd still take the bus. Call it arriving in style, if you will. Once up, you'll see a musician with his small accordion-like instrument playing songs of old: of knights and maidens and faraway castles - of course, the songs are in German, but the music is traditional and it creates a perfect mood. The second attraction was definitely the bridge, the so called Marienbruecke. This bridge seems to be suspended above the canyon... at least that was the impression I had when looking down. It had metal railings, so it's perfectly safe, but what I found interesting was that the walkway was made of planks... with an occasional hole... that is, the bridge was missing a few planks. And mothers were taking children onto the bridge - completely unconcerned. I was shocked. It was so crowded. I just prayed I wouldn't drop my camera and that mothers wouldn't happen to drop their infants... after all, it's a long way down. All in all, I'd enjoyed the bridge, especially because the view from it is picturesque. Honestly, it's that postcard view that you see on every third photo of Neuschwanstein. So I took a few of my own "postcard" photos for my personal collection.

    Herrenchiemsee is different. Primarily because it's built on an island and we had to reach it by boat. So yes, the journey to the island and back to the mainland was the first and the last thing of the trip. We had to look at the schedule every once in awhile to make sure that we wouldn't miss the boat, although that was impossible, considering there was one every half-hour. I was a little sad because you can't really see the building while you're in the boat. The reason for that is: it's not so tall. He'd had it built as a copy of Versailles, so it's more of a miniature palace than a castle. But, the room with the mirrors (the so called Hall of the Mirrors) was incredible. The inside seemed more luxurious than that of Neuschwanstein, though, perhaps because it was more or less complete. Oh and yes - what is particularly stunning about Herrenchiemsee is the garden layout (copy of Versailles, of course) with the big fountains and statues. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I didn't manage to take a lot of photos.

    And finally, the last but not the least - Linderhof. To me, Linderhof was a little gem. It's completely finished, it's incredibly small, but richly decorated and the outside is perfection itself. The gardens around the castle are beautifully done and there is also one lane which leads up to the hill. The view from there is simply perfect. You can see everything! Not to mention that it has a Venus grotto nearby - a cave with an artificial lake and a small boat. It was meant to be the stage for Wagner's orchestra, but unfortunately, that dream of his never came true.

    So yes, Neuschwanstein has impressive cliffs and an incredible view, Herrenchiemsee has stunning gardens and a beautiful lake and Linderhof has an amazing interior and picturesque scenery. Take your pick! Make a choice. For me, it was impossible. I just had to see them all. I only chose the order in which I'd do so.
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