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Looking Out For Ticks

Discussion in 'North America' started by Ava, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Ava

    Ava Member

    Until I moved to New England, I hadn't heard about Lyme Disease, but apparently it's quite common and is due to ticks in the woodlands there. For visitors, many wouldn't know or even in the US that ticks are prevalent and that's why whenever you go into the forest or a park you must check yourself (and dog if you are walking one) for ticks as many people forget as they are enjoying themselves, and end up with Lyme Disease.
  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    A family friend of ours actually has a daughter that was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It's definitely something to be aware of if you're in a region that's prone to ticks, and especially if you've been in an area like a forest or park as you mentioned. I feel like there's more awareness slowly coming to Lyme Disease so that's a good thing, hopefully as a result people are more aware.
  3. Good thing there's no problem with ticks in Malaysia and Thailand. I think, in Malaysia and Thailand, the problem would be more with mosquitos. The mosquitos to look out for are not those which come out at night. The ones carrying dengue fever, for example, are the Aedes mosquitos which fly around during the day.
  4. Ava

    Ava Member

    Many people don't know that deer and wild animals can carry them and if people do have dogs they really must check them as soon as possible. Often the ticks can bury themselves, and I do feel that public awareness is low. I didn't know when I loved to an area, and then if people go camping in National Parks, bears are one thing to look out for, but so are ticks.

    People do get caught out, and people I know who have Lyme Disease have expressed how they didn't know what to look for, and what precautions to take and they were native to the area too.
  5. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Oh ticks are my mortal enemy. When our dogs have ticks, I couldn't be at peace. Much more if the ticks would attack me. Here in the Philippines, some foreigners are complaining about the mosquito so I understand the discomfort that those pests bring to humans.
  6. I have a sunblock that has bug repellent in it for this reason. It's the only real way to make sure you don't have ticks. I used to live in Nebraska where ticks were always something you had to be aware of. But it's nothing bug repellent can't control. Also, carry around tweezers with sharp ends, those ticks hold on tight to you and you can't remove them with your nails. You also will have a hard time smashing them under your shoe unless it's gorged on quite a bit of your blood. So carry a lighter. My grandpa believes on setting them on fire because you can't smash them. Other than that, they aren't really a problem.
  7. Ava

    Ava Member

    That sunblock sounds like a great idea. What brand is it, and what is the SPF? I really should get some if I can find it. I'm assuming it's American?

    It's good to hear of real life experiences, because people who have never encountered them can only go with theory, and when it does happen it's a case of following the instructions.
  8. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I'd love to know the details of this too -- the idea of having something that has both SPF qualities and bug repellent is awesome, killing two birds with the one stone so to speak! :)
  9. You buy it at avon

    I used it growing up in Nebraska and never had issues with ticks, mosquitos, and the bugs. It's also waterproof so you can go swimming with it. I really like it because it's PABA and DEET free and doesn't smell. The usual bug sprays bother my asthma so this was great for me. You can always pair this with a stronger sunblock if you need a stronger SPF. Just make sure you let it dry before you pick up food with your hands, it's not pleasant to eat.
  10. Ava

    Ava Member

    Thanks for this. I will have to order some when I go to the USA as it's made there and doesn't seem to be available in the UK (except on Amazon for double the price). I do think this is a market that has been untouched and hopefully other companies will come out with versions as I get bitten so easily and I burn easily too! As I am dark haired, people don't think it can happen to me, but it does.
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