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Most Haunted Forest In The World: Hoia-baciu

Discussion in 'Europe' started by GenevB, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. GenevB

    GenevB New Member

    This is said to be probably the most haunted forest in the world, with the most UFO related activity spotted in the last 50 years or so in this part of the world. This forest it's located in Eastern-Europe, Romania, about 50km near Cluj-Napoca. There are several narrations that this forest gives you a creepy feeling ever since you step in it, also it's trees are nothing similar to anything you've even seen before, they look like those one we've used to see on "Tales from the Crypt" TV-show. Also, in the middle of the forest, there is a "blind-spot" where there is no nature, nothing alive, people used to think about that place as a portal to another world. maxresdefault. DSC_0301. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLSaOh4-lUap3Z4pGwcYyjqaQVDOJbGD5K0xZnpOL35ubnGhi-.
  2. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Interesting. But honestly, just looks like another forest for me. Ohh I checked a youtube video of that "circle" and it's exaggerated to put it midly. The whole thing is covered in grass so yeah "nothing grows" might be the biggest exaggeration of the day. It's a small meadow in the middle of the forest. :D
  3. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    Lol, I agree. It doesn't look that spooky. It's more like the stories of mushroom rings, where nothing grows in the center. But if you happen to cross through a mushroom ring, you'll be transported to Faerie and be forced to dance naked around the mushrooms until your feet bleed.

    Still, I'm a bit of a horror buff and have always pined to visit Romania. Vampires. Werewolves. The Romanians seem to love that kind of folklore. I can only imagine what kind of stories the locals would have to tell about such a creepy setting! Definitely probably worth a trip, even if it's just to take pictures of the scenery.
  4. Quazi

    Quazi Member

    I love this sort of stuff!
    I really want to believe in these things, but have to experience for myself first (which as of yet, I haven't).
    Might have to be a place to check out :D
  5. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Definitely probably? :D
    But yeah, still might be an interesting place to visit. I don't believe in any of this paranormal stuff but I do enjoy reading and learning about it as the subject is very interesting.
  6. GenevB

    GenevB New Member

    I happen to live in Romania, and I can say that those stories about Vampires and Werewolves are mostly fake, and I know this will be disappointing, they weren't even started by our people. Anyway, you can still find pretty spooky places around here, you'll be amazed by the views, also, if you happen to visit some villages, you will hear story about all kind of witches from the locals. A friend of mine told me once that at his original village, people used to talk about "the talkers", that's how they called some kind of screams which were always heard in the night. He said that he isn't sure what those are until this day, but he has a hint, one night, when his cousin was mad, he got the shotgun and went to see what they really are, he found nothing but some traces in the forest, and he said the most probably those "talkers" are hyenas.

    And about this forest, it is not exaggerated at all, just look on at the documentaries made about it, maybe that thing with the circle in the middle of it is just a myth. However I've still never been there myself as I kind of live in the other part of the country, and around here, people do not even want you to mention about that, so it is pretty hard for me to find a companion.
  7. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    Ah, I see. I have a few friends from Romania who said the same thing about those stories being from travelers. My friend who lived near Dracula's castle said that it is rather creepy, but I think the tourism probably reduced the fear factor quite a bit. She also mentioned something like "the talkers," but she made them more along the lines of "the Willies."

    Wow, so people are really that afraid of the forest, eh? I'm going to have to check out those documentaries now. My interest has been piqued.
  8. GenevB

    GenevB New Member

    People won't tell you straight forward that they are afraid of it, but so far I haven't been able to find a single one to travel there with me, everyone got a very good excuse or reason, one said that "nah, I don't believe there's anything worth seeing, I'm not coming", another one said that he'll come only to Cluj-Napoca and I'm going alone from there, another one has said that he knows there's nothing, but even if it was he doesn't want to take any chances.

    One of the stories I've heard about that place, is that a group of teens went, stood the night, and when they woke up they realized it has passed over a week from the time they went to sleep, however I can't find any source nor details on that, it's simply a story I've heard from the mouth of another citizen which is kind of related to me.
  9. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Bhangarh fort is supposed to be a haunted place and has been in news many times for unexplained incidents. Lots of people have gone missing from there and none of them have ever been found/seen again. Local population living near by do not even go close to this fort as they have been witness to such incidents in the past.
  10. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    This kind of reminds me of the forest surrounding Mt. Fuji which is more likely to be haunted because of the popularity of the place as a suicide spot. Hundreds of corpses were recovered there which would be a more likely place to be haunted although I am just as curious as this forest in Romania. If I'm not mistaken, this was the forest that the Ghost Adventures crew featured in one of their international episodes along with the castle of Dracula. The crew did filmed at the clearing in the middle of the woods and they've detected massive electromagnetic energy.

    Anyway, I've included the link to the Ghost Adventures episode. The Hoia-baciu forest was feautured at 7:25
  11. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    We shouldn't be talking about the things that we do not understand fully, like stories about witches or vampires. If it doesn't sound possible it doesn't mean it isn't, it just means our mind does not accept it like possible. We are not all and everything here and in the universe. As for the forest ... I would definitely like to visit it and Romania. Since I am from Serbia, a neighbouring country, I probably will. We have some similar stories. Vampire is a Serbian word actually. I believe that the first, original vampire was from Serbia.
  12. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    I think I'd probably be more creeped out by exploring the 'Suicide Forest' in Japan. It's real name is Aokigahara, meaning Sea of Trees. This is the place where depressed and desperate people go to kill themselves in a variety of ways. Police spend a lot of time in there removing bodies so the place doesn't stink to high heaven and scare off tourists. Although these days, most tourists probably go there just to try to find bodies... I wouldn't be surprised, really. This forest you've mentioned certainly looks creepy, but then again, they ALL do while at night or in a mist.
  13. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    I don't believe the tales. That Hioa-baciu is the most haunted forest in the world. Nonetheless as the paranormal does interest me, one day I'd like to find out if what has been said about the forest has some truth in it. Not that I'm eager to see a UFO or a ghost, I just need some answers: is there life after death? The presence of ghosts in the forest would mean "YES."
  14. Francis

    Francis New Member

    Any video that shows extraordinary activities? That might just be a fictional story. If it is true that forest is haunted then we must be having stories from everybody who has ever gone hiking there. Were the trees planted or it is a natural forest? To believe this, I'll have to ask more people and watch videos about the forest.
  15. Strange to think that there are people who would travel a long way just to be scared out of their wits. I am sure there are lots of scary places within walking distance of their homes. That forest doesn't really look that scary, though. If I were in the mood to visit some haunted places, I would choose a haunted castle in the UK. At least, there's a bit of history and lore to enrich the experience. Plus many of the haunted castles in the UK have been renovated into comfortable lodgings for paying guests. Beats sitting out in the dark cold forest.