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Places To Eat In London

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Beasley, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Beasley

    Beasley New Member

    A colleague and I will be in London for one week for some work in our London branch.

    It will be the first time we would both be in London and we hear some good things about London especially the food there. We are both keen on eating out especially at popular places and need some recommendations on the places to eat in London.

    We like all kinds of cuisines, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, you name it we love it :)
  2. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    I can recommend you some of the best restaurants I have been to in London and these are from personal experience and are generally popular places with the public as well.

    With the Mexican cuisine, the best place to eat at according to me is at the Cantina Laredo which is in Convent Garden and at the Lupita which is in three locations in London, Convent Garden, Tower Bridge and also Hyder Park. Another place you can visit is Chimichanga which you would not only find in London but in many places across the UK.

    You must go to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants and the first choice of recommendation would be Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in Islington.

    Min Jiang and Imperial China are two Chinese restaurants to eat at, which serves authentic Chinese food. When at Min Jiang the wood fired duck is a must try.
    Imperial China is in China Town and Min Jiang is on the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel.

    I will get back to you with the details about Indian restaurants to eat at in London from a friend of mine who eats a lot of Indian and knows more about the which place should be suggested.