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Places To Eat In Manchester

Discussion in 'Europe' started by GH88, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. GH88

    GH88 New Member

    When in Manchester this summer with my family I plan to take them out for lunch and dinner.

    I would like some suggestions to the places to eat in Manchester. I was wondering if there are any famous places to eat or something which shouldn't be missed when in Manchester.

    Pub food is a favorite wth my family, so please also mention a popular pub to visit.
  2. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    Are there any particular cuisines you or your family like, or you open to all suggestions?
  3. adamgilcristt

    adamgilcristt New Member

    In Manchester, there are several best restaurants to eat such as Hanover Street Chophouse, Republic Cafe, KC's Rib Shack etc there you can eat your favorite food.