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Places to see in New York

Discussion in 'North America' started by vinaya, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    New York is the largest city in the United States. It is also one of the original 13 British colonies that formed the United States. New York has historical, cultural and financial importance. What are the places to see in New York city?
  2. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I've been to New York a couple of times and there really is anything and everything you could want to see in a city. From the hustle and bustle of the streets to the calmer momments in central park, I guarantee you won't be disappointed by any of it.
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  3. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    I wanted to ask about the specific places in New York, for example say Times Square, Broad Way, stock exchange (if they permit visitors) what else. New York is a big city and a new visitor would be lost in the city. What are the things that a first time traveler should not miss in New York.
  4. planetX

    planetX Member

    I think for a first time visitor, New York has lot to offer. To name a few :

    - Statue of Liberty - It is the world's largest statue which is a symbol of freedom. When I think of US, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Statue of Liberty.
    - Empire State Building - It is a 381 meter tall 102 storey building with a magnificent view.
    - Central park - The strawberry fields, zoo and the lake add beauty to this beautiful green park

    In fact there are a lot of other beautiful places in New York. But these are the onces that I could recollect now. They are a must visit for anybody who is traveling to New York for the first time.
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  5. serbog

    serbog New Member

    I agree. Those are some wonderful places to visit. I would also like to visit Broadway and there was one museum that has real size dinosaurs in it.
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  6. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    @planetX Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. I would definitely want to see this.

    @serbog since I take interest in theater, I would want to watch theatrical performances in Broadway.

    Another place I want to see in New York is the ground zero, where once upon a time world's tallest building stood.
  7. Future_Martian

    Future_Martian New Member

    It seemed like some people already beat me on mentioning the places to visit. So I will just talk about the food instead. New York have the best bagels and hot dogs. Yup this is something out should try before leaving this State. When visiting New York, you should not walk alone in some parts of the city because the crime rate here is kind of high.

    Speaking of Broadway, Book of Mormons is fun to watch even though its very offensive. It is so wrong but watching it felt so good.
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  8. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    @Future_Martian if I ever make to Boradway, I will remember your recommendation. I hate pornography and obscenity, however, I can tolerate sexiness if it is humorous.

    I have tried American hotdogs in my home country. Though not the kind of food I like, it is good to eat hot dogs. Bagels, I don't know what they are? Crime is the thing that puts off many travelers.
  9. Benoit W

    Benoit W New Member

    Mоst pеоplе hаvе аlrеаdy соvеrеd thе mаin tоurist аttrасtiоns sо hеrе аrе my fаvоritе things in NYС.....

    Dеfinitеly gо tо sее а Brоаdwаy shоw....Sаvе up tо 50% оff Brоаdwаy Shоws is а grеаt wаy tо gеt disсоunt tiсkеts оr try аnd find оut hоw tо gеt rush tiсkеts.

    Rudy's Bаr оn 44th аnd 9th sеlls $8 pitсhеrs оf bееr. It is rеаlly divеy but а lоt оf fun аnd gеts сrоwdеd rеаlly еаrly.

    Fivе Nаpkin Burgеr - bеst vеggiе burgеr in Nеw Yоrk Сity

    Jеrеmy's Аlе Hоusе аt thе Sоuth Strееt Sеаpоrt - оnе оf thе fеw rеmаining bluе соllаr divе bаrs in thе Finаnсiаl Distriсt аnd it is оn а соbblеstоnе strееt.

    Thе Tеnеmеnt Musеum оn thе Lоwеr Еаst Sidе - lосаtеd in аn оld brоwnstоnе/tеnеmеnt blосk, this plасе is bаsiсаlly а timе саpsulе оf Nеw Yоrk thrоughоut thе 20th сеntury. Yоu hаvе tо еntеr оn а guidеd tоur but it is wеll wоrth it.

    Tаkе thе 6 trаin dоwn tо Сity Hаll (whiсh is thе finаl stоp). hоwеvеr, stаy оn thе trаin аnd it will асtuаlly lооp аrоund thе ОLD Сity Hаll stаtiоn whiсh is nо lоngеr in usе. It is rеаlly сооl аnd quitе сrееpy.

    Trаnsit Musеum in Brооklyn - grеаt musеum lосаtеd in аn оld subwаy stаtiоn. It is full оf vintаgе subwаy саrs whiсh yоu саn wаlk in аnd оut оf. This is еspесiаlly gооd if yоu hаvе kids (оr in my саsе, my 65 yеаr оld fаthеr)

    Еnjоy yоur timе in Nеw Yоrk!
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  10. ellajanelle

    ellajanelle Member

    New York is probably not the best place to unwind but it has always been my dream to see the Big Apple. Probably 'cause my favorite movies all have New York as a setting. I've been watching Gossip Girl and just wanna ask.. is it really true that the people from the Upper East Side are all rich socialites? Anyway.. I've loved big, busy cities since I was a kid. For me, those are the relaxing places. LOL! So New York is really on my travel bucket list. The downside though is the high crime rate. :(
  11. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    NYC isn't really that great, to be honest. Probably because I grew up so close to it...
    Broadway and Madison Avenue will be popular recommendations simply because of the lights and sounds. Do also look into Little Italy and Chinatown. These places aren't that impressive, but it gives you a glimpse into America's ethnic blending. My favorite area in Manhattan, however, is Central Park. It feels like another world. It's so quiet and idyllic despite the concrete jungle surrounding it.

    Another place in New York City to check out is Jekyll & Hyde, a Halloween-themed (I'm not exactly correct in my description) restaurant. The food is delightful, and it's rather entertaining. If you're into bar hopping, Hell's Kitchen is the place to go. It's cleaned up its act recently, making it one of the safer areas in the Big Apple.
  12. DangerSuit

    DangerSuit New Member

    A lot of people will say to go to the top of the Empire State and the Statue of Liberty, but do you know what you can't see from those two vantage points? The Empire State and the Statue of Liberty.

    To see the Empire State, go to the top of 30 rock. To see ol' Lady Liberty, take the ferry to Staten Island. It's free!
  13. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    I had a class called American Studies and we went from the beginning, of course, to modern age America. From the very beginning New York was mentioned as one of the most important cities in the region. Some of the things that I would like to see in New York are not actually some specific places but rather those old parts of the city if any of them survived the time. From architectural point of view it is very interesting because it was influenced by many different styles and in so many way the melting pot is a perfect description of what happened there.
  14. brandiesha

    brandiesha New Member

    When I go to New York City I don't like to do tourist things anymore because I did so many of them when I went on school trips. Here are some of my tourist spots:
    Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem
    Time Square
    China Town for shopping
    Times Square
    Shopping in the warehouses
  15. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    I've never been to the Big Apple, but my dad was there when he was in the Navy back in the 1950's. Even at that time it was the city that never sleeps, and was just as bustling at 3 am as it was at high noon. I think I read somewhere, however, that Jacksonville, FL is the largest city (by population) in the U.S. I have been there once and it IS huge, practically stretching from one side of the state to the other.
  16. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I haven't been to America yet but I want to see landmarks like the Golden Gate, ths Statue of Liberty, the White House and the tallest buildings like the World Trade Center. In New York, first and foremost is the Statue of Liberty which is very famous. And maybe I can do a side trip to the Empire State Building which was so popular when I was a girl. I also want to see Central Park. I know it is just a simple park but I still want to take a selfie there. And how about the Manhattan island with all its tall buildings? Well, it seems like I am daydreaming again. But I know that someday my dream of going to America will materialize.
  17. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I've been to NY a few times and honestly, I didn't like it. There was just something that put me off. I keep going back though because my relatives live there and I visit them often.

    Other than the usual tourist spots, I'd say that you should check out Brooklyn. Some people say it's dangerous, but I feel safer there than I do elsewhere in NY :p I can't remember the street name, but there are several long streets in Brooklyn for shopping and food. There are street vendors selling jewelry, fabric, crafts, etc. and there are restaurants serving all-you-can-eat buffets. It's a great place to just hang out at and you'll definitely find something of your interest there, be it food or souvenirs.
  18. Catchmeifyoucan

    Catchmeifyoucan New Member

    My brother in-law went out there a year ago. Were really into hiphop culture, and the root of it stems in the Bronx, NY. He was able to take a tour of the parts of the city that were the origins of some of the original hiphop parties where djing, mcing, and breakdancing came out of. I think it was a relatively cheap bus tour. It would be cool to know some of the history. I've been to Times Square before, but we only stayed for a day.
  19. Norjak71

    Norjak71 New Member

    The new World Trade Center and memorial is a must-see. Its heart-breaking and yet inspiration at the same time. Going there you can really feel in the air that something terrible happened at that location, and to see all the names of the lives lost etched and ingrained really signifies the tragic loss of that day. The entire city is beautiful from a building standpoint too, you've really never seen anything like it. Hanging out for a day in Central Park is a must-do as well. Even if the weather is bad, you can never have a bad time in NYC. Just prepared to spend a bit of money, it's not cheap.
  20. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    When I visited New York there were a few things I really wanted to see - Central Park, the Empire State building, Times Square, Ground Zero and also the Statue of Liberty. I got to see all of those things, but some of the most enjoyable times I spent there were simply just wandering the streets and finding cute stores or little cafes. Sounds boring to some, I guess, but I think that is often the most fun thing to do. Set off in a neighborhood that interests you and see what it has to offer!
  21. Norjak71

    Norjak71 New Member

    There is a little bridge right by Central Park, not famous at all, but an underlying bridge with a small little river underneath it. If you can go in Autumn it's not only the perfect picture opportunity but I like to go there and just hang out for a few hours and stare at all the leaves. New York in the Autumn is one of the perfect times to visit, the air, leaves, the crispness, it's a sight to behold. Don't just visit the major attractions like the 9/11 memorial or Empire State Building, make sure you really explore the entire city, that's how I found the little bridge.
  22. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I've only seen New York through the Internet and being the largest city in America, it's definitely an attraction for dreamers, artists, businessmen and tourists. Apart from its famous symbol like the Statue of Liberty, the historical Grand Central Terminal and Times Square, it is also a hub for people who seek to indulge in science and art. The American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art all cater to such. At the site of what used to be the Twin Towers, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum was erected in memory of those who perished beneath the fire and ruble on that tragic day. I've wanted to go there mainly because of Broadway but I wouldn't mind dropping by at the mentioned locations to be able to fully appreciate why this city is famous.