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Places to visit away from Rio

Discussion in 'South America' started by Dhillon, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Dhillon

    Dhillon New Member

    Hi forum members, I am planning a visit to Rio for one week and would be spending 3 to 4 days in Rio itself. As I have an extra 2 days to spare, I would like to go out of Rio and make the most of my trip,but I don't know which place to visit. Please suggest some places outside of Rio for 2 days, all suggestions welcome.

    Thanks you.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    You could go to Ilha Grande which is around 100 miles south or you could go to Paraty which is about 150miles where you will find waterfalls, forests and the town is a historical town. There are plenty of other places too but you have not mentioned what kind of destination you looking for.
  3. genkiWORld

    genkiWORld New Member

    Paraty is a lovely place to visit outside of Rio. The distance is not so far if you have reliable transportation and the town is filled with history and wonderful views. The waterfalls are surely breath taking.

    If you want to venture further, Sao Paulo is not a bad place to visit either. There you will find an old Brazilian flair that is rarely found in Rio.