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Security issues in Africa

Discussion in 'Africa' started by vinaya, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    There is some sort of violence, political unrest and terrorism in almost all African countries. Which countries are considered unsafe and which are considered safe for travelers in Africa continent.
  2. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Safety is relative and these situations change fast. It's not possible to give you a list of countries to visit/not to visit, it's up to you. Most countries are relatively safe and you won't have any issues, though you should always keep your eyes open because theft can be an issue. It's best to choose where you want to go and then ask around about that specific country/area. Also use the governmental websites that your country provides, they usually have up to date travel recommendations. (I never trust them blindly but it's good to read and see what they think.
  3. DangerSuit

    DangerSuit New Member

    I would agree with @crimsonghost747 - any country can be dangerous at any time. Checking websites like the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office for travel suggestions (they will raise threat levels and advise people not to travel if they think something is about to go down) or the CIA world factbook can be good preventative measures.

    Other than that, wherever you go, stay with your tour group, or in the main tourist areas, try not to stray too far from the main streets. You should be fine. People are mostly good wherever you go :)
  4. integrity101

    integrity101 New Member

    I would say most parts of Kenya are safe except maybe for the North Eastern part which has previously seen violent activities by the al shabaab militants from Somalia. The rest of the country, from the shores of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa through the marvelous Tsavo Parks to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in the west, has always been safe and friendly to visitors from all parts of the world. I would however caution against visiting any African country during its election period. Elections for political offices are always characterized by violent campaigns and protests.
  5. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    Well, it is normal that poor regions have greater rate of criminal activity and violence. We only see this in movies, at least I did but recently I have met several people from Africa and they told me and showed me their wounds of civil wars and violent behaviour. Ethiopia and Eritrea, then South Sudan and many more always have some turmoil going about. I also heard that the highest rate of violence and gangs are in South African Republic. I am not sure about this because I couldn't check myself but I am sure it pretty dangerous.
  6. Noreht

    Noreht New Member

    I live in South Africa and we do not have close to the highest crime at all. There is no civil war or genocide like in most other African countries.
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Safety is our foremost concern when we travel abroad. We were in Bangkok last month and we made sure that their Martial Law does not affect tourists otherwise we would have cancelled our trip. I've been reading about terrorists and warring groups in Africa particularly in Libya and Sudan. And the impression I get is the entire Africa is not safe for travelers because if not for the violence espoused by those rebel groups, there are the diseases like Ebola and Zika. I am sorry to have this opinion and I hope someone from Africa would issue a rebuttal.
  8. Noreht

    Noreht New Member

    There is not one Zika case in South Africa, not one rebel group. I might as well then say the entire North America is unsafe because there are a lot of kidnappings in Mexico. Each country is different and has different security. I think South Africa is safer than most European countries at the moment. We have not had a terrorist attack since apartheid.
  9. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    It's the crime rates in the big cities that is the problem with South Africa. Then again as I understand it (never been there but I do have a lot of friends from there) the statistics are a bit misleading as the very large majority of the crimes happens in those bad neighbourhoods, so while the numbers look huge, you'll be relatively safe as long as you stick to the good parts of the town. Then again I personally know a guy whose wife was robbed at gunpoint right in the middle of the day outside of her house... in a good neighbourhood.
  10. Noreht

    Noreht New Member

    This is exactly the thing. The stats for Joburg for instance includes sunnyside and Hillbrow, places where the Nigerian drug lords run their prostitution and drug rings so yeah the crime there is high. Unfortunately gunpoint robberies will happen anywhere in the world no matter the neighbourhood. The point I was trying to make is that it is 90% safe for tourists to come here. Just as safe as it would be for a South African to travel abroad. I think South Africa is labelled with the rest of Africa in a negative way and this is unfair as our cultures and infrastructure rises above most countries on the continent.
  11. Phileas80

    Phileas80 Member

    Check goverment sites online for comprehensive up to date information. There are obvious places to avoid such as Somalia and South Sudan but realistically you are probably interested in countries and cities popular with tourists. Places like Kenya, Zanzibar and Cape Verde have thriving tourist industries and you'll be fine doing the regular things that tourists do. Best thing to do is look for an activity that you like and do some research on the places that provide that activity eg safari or beach fun.
  12. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Africa is a huge continent and though it's only in the news mostly for all the wrong reasons, that doesn't necessarily mean most of Africa is at war.

    Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, Guinea, Zimbabwe, DR Congo . . . these are some of the African countries you shouldn't visit because of terrorism and political unrest.
    Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Seychelles and Malawi.

    There was a time Morocco was relatively safe but considering how ISIS has spread all over North Africa, there's a 50% probability Morocco isn't as safe as it was a decade or so back.
  13. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    @Valentino, I have to agree that ISIS has spread not only in Africa but all over the world. And the mere mention of ISIS sends chills to my spine. What if we go to a country only to experience an attack of a terrorist? And being a terrorist act that means anyone can be harmed of killed so the public is not safe. That is my concern when it comes to that issue of ISIS because of the terrorism. Even here in our country, it would be scary if a terrorist act would occur and it already did in Davao City a month ago when a bomb exploded in a night market that killed 7 people, I think.
  14. Francis

    Francis New Member

    Not only African countries are lately targeted by terrorists. We have heard and experienced attacks in USA, Belgium and even France. Somalia is the only unsafe country to travel to. Other African countries are safe but not 100%. We need to be more vigilant while travelling and avoid visiting crowded places.
  15. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Any time I travel, no matter where, I always check my countries travel advisories for where I plan on going. They'll really let you know what the situation is in a certain place, and sometimes they'll simply advise you not to travel there if the risk is too great.

    Like others have said though, it's not just Africa with issues with security. A large majority of African countries haven't experienced anything like that - so I would just play it by ear and check for the exact country or countries you plan on visiting!
  16. I think, in the case of Africa, we are having the same problem as in other parts of the world. I don't mean the unrest. What I mean is how the media depicts the unrest. If we go by the media reports, it would appear that there isn't any place safe in Africa. I am very sure that is very far from the truth. So, before you consider traveling to Africa, or to any other places for that matter, consult people who actually live there. You can find them on Facebook.
  17. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Yeah, the media has the propensity to exaggerate their reporting most of the time. To be honest, our impression of African countries is either extreme poverty or uncontrolled rebellion. We have no way of knowing because have no connection to people in Africa. That's why I cannot say that we a plan to go there even in the far future because of lack of connection. But I am not closing the door because before our first travels in 2011, I also said that I would be going for domestic travels only. Little did I know that one airline here has their promo discounts regularly that somehow motivated us in traveling.
  18. If you are seriously considering Africa as a tourist destination, then I would suggest that you search Facebook for groups in that area. Search for something like "Africa travel" or "Africa tour". There will be companies sponsoring some of these groups but there will also be members who can give a better picture of what's happening on the ground. Getting into groups in the Middle-East can also lead you to Africa because there are people in the Middle-East who are from Africa. After all, the Middle-East is next door to Africa.
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  19. reverserewind

    reverserewind Member

    I'm guessing the South African Republic is probably the most developed and safe country on the continent. Other ones are less developed are more poor. I won't expect high level of security in poor countries. So, think twice before going there.
  20. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    South Africa is the most developed country in Africa but it is not the safest.

    Actually it has one of the highest crime rates in the world and this is why there some people who are terrified of traveling to South Africa.

    IMHO, the safest countries to visit in Africa are South Africa's neighbors — Namibia and Botswana.