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Singapore - Best Things To Do?

Discussion in 'Asia' started by amelia88, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    One of my friends just moved to Singapore a couple of months back for work! She's going to be there for a couple of years, and the best part is that she's offered that I can come and visit and stay with her any time! Now this really puts it higher on my list of places to go (having free accommodation is a huge incentive to travel somewhere!)

    Have you been to Singapore? Anywhere in particular you would think is a must see for a tourist? What is the best way of getting around? Any cool markets? (I loooove markets - I'd love to get a traditional painting or something for my house!)

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I go to Singapore every year since 2013 and it is my favorite touring place. My usual haunt is the Universal Studio and the nearby Resorts World for theme parks. But for strolling, go to the Gardens by the Bay just fronting MBS (Marina Bay Sands). On the opposite side of the MBS is the famed landmark of the Merlion statue. There were 4 of us last we were there so we take the taxi. But when only me and my husband, we take the bus. Just buy a transpo card in 7-11 so you can freely take the bus and trains.

    However, accommodation is quite expensive. The hotels we booked in were so cramped but clean. What I like in Singapore aside from the place is the friendly people. For shopping, don't miss Mustapha mall and Bugis Junction.
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  3. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    I've been there only twice but since the country is really small, I was able to explore most of the tourist spots there. If you're going to visit Singapore, you absolutely have to go to USS. I really enjoyed the rides, especially Transformers 4D, and The Mummy. You should also visit Sentosa. You can get there by train or by cab. The place is quite big so if you are directionally challenged like me, I suggest that you use a map of the place when getting around. If you are hankering for electronics, Bugis is the place for you. There are gadgets everywhere. It's like a market place but instead of selling goods like fruits and food, you'll find gadgets scattered all around. They also have a lot of malls but I wouldn't suggest shopping here as the prices are quite steep.

    If you like LEGOs, you can visit Legoland. It's not located in Singapore but in Malaysia, but since it is just a train ride away from Singapore, and if you can insert it in your itinerary, then I guess you should visit it as well.
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  4. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I've never been to Singapore, but it's definitely on the list (close to the top of my list too :p). I heard it's a great place and everything is clean there. Unfortunately, things also tend to be more expensive there so I'd need to save up if I want to go there. Right now I have it planned for maybe spring or summer of next year, but nothing is confirmed yet.

    What are some famous Singaporean dishes that are popular there? I love to try out different foods, but I'm not entirely sure what Singapore is famous for.
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  5. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @Corzhens those are great tips, and I'm especially thankful for the information about public transportation there. So you can use the same transport card for both buses and trains? That's nice and convenient. Most of my sightseeing would likely be done when my friend is at work, leaving us only the evenings/weekends to hang out together, so I'll be finding my way around solo for the most part when I go!

    @Myrr I've been to Malaysia once before, but just to Penang! Is Legoland in Kuala Lumpur? It might be a good excuse to go and visit there too - I'm definitely a child at heart and I loved Lego as a kid - so that might be fun. Plus I've heard KL is awesome for shopping!
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  6. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    You buy a card (sorry, I momentarily forgot the name) and pay S$5 for the card itself plus the load you desire. Yes, that card is good for the bus and the train. Actually Singapore is a small country and it is easy to navigate using the bus. Just check the bus number in a bus stop and you won't get lost. And in case you get tired, take a taxi and the fare is not much. Another good place is the Singapore zoo which is quite far but there is shuttle bus service. I call Singapore tourist-friendly like Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. It means you can roam around by yourself even if it's your first time.
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  7. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    That's good to hear that it's easy to navigate there. I've been to Hong Kong and loved it and felt very at ease there, so if it's anything like that I'll be happy!

    One place I really want to see in Singapore are these structures that look like fake trees, they look really futuristic - but I don't know the name of them. Maybe you know what I'm talking about?! Anyway, I saw them online once and I thought they looked really cool. I'd love to go and check them out.

    It sounds like I'll have plenty to see and do to keep me occupied!
  8. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    It's definitely a good thing to have a friend who lives in the country you're visiting. That is essential to help you get around, and that person can act as a guide to take you to all the best places. Without that help it would be difficult to even find your way out of the airport parking lot in some countries. As long as that person can be trusted absolutely, you are all set to enjoy your visit. Follow your friend's advice to the letter and do all the research you can online first and you should be all set.
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  9. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    Hello @amelia88. Sorry for the late reply. Legoland in Malaysia is in Johor Bahru. It's about 3 and a half hours from Kuala Lumpur if you are going to take a bus. Singapore is much nearer actually for it will only take you about an hour to get to Legoland in Malaysia from Singapore.
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  10. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    If you mean the Gardens by the Bay, those are real plants. They have giant cactuses (cacti) that look like plastic and some of the plants there are variegated with different colors of the leaves. Inside that park is an enclosure that is a jungle - but there is an entrance fee - with exotic plants and trees. Gardens by the Bay is just in front of Marina Bay Sands and there's even a bridge linking MBS with the Gardens. We never fail to go there whenever we go to Singapore (every year). Last November there was a festival for the holiday season and the decorations were great for the camera.
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  11. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Wow - I thought it was a fake display of plants!! I guess because they all look so lush and green indoors I just assumed that they weren't real. The fact that they're real makes me even more excited to check it out - what a unique thing to get to experience. I just looked it up online, and they even had cherry blossoms blooming inside (I guess they do different things depending on the seasons). Thanks for the extra information about it all!
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  12. sararas

    sararas Member

    I've only visited Singapore once, but if you do like markets perhaps Chinatown is a place you can check out.
    chinatown 2.


    I know they have Little India, too. But unfortunately was unable to visit. As regards transportation, you really have nothing to worry. It's as navigable as HK with the use of their EZ Link card. You can use the card for both the train and bus services. You can also use it to pay for meals in McDonalds.
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  13. sararas

    sararas Member

    Yes, really it's easy to navigate! If you felt at ease in HK, then you'll do fine in Singapore as it's much smaller and much like HK, the train/bus services are very efficient. They also have a few temples. I can't remember the names now. But I do remember that my friend and I, being cheapskate, entered in some temples/museums because they were free, hehe! Oh, don't forget the Night Safari. That is, if you're into animals. I'm not into animals, but I can't forget the experience because it was there that I first saw a giraffe! (Haha, no biggie - but I haven't seen one before so it was fun!)
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  14. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @sararas thanks for all the tips! Chinatown sounds fun - I absolutely love markets so that sounds like something that I would be really into! And a night safari also sounds pretty unique and it's something I can't do here at home.

    That's great that you can even use the EZ card to pay for meals as well as transport - it sure does make things very convenient! You've put my mind at ease about the transport side of things! :)
  15. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    I haven't been to Singapore yet, but I do intend to visit. My main motivation for going there is that I want to stay at the Raffles Hotel and enjoy a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar. My sister recently visited and said it was absolutely incredible, so I cannot let her have one up on me - ha ha!
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  16. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    So many people have told me that having a Singapore Sling there is a must do! The Raffles Hotel looks amazing but it's SO expensive - I guess it's so well regarded and prestigious for a reason! Maybe one day I'll get the chance to stay there!
  17. sararas

    sararas Member

    You bet The Raffles Hotel is SO expensive. Haha, I doubt if I could ever afford staying in such a luxurious hotel. But we'll never know. A possibility can always be there.
    But as of now, if I do have the chance to travel again I'll probably be just staying at cheaper hostels. In Singapore, we only stayed at the hostel called The Fernloft. From their website, I learned that the branch (River Valley) where we stayed at has closed. Although their two other branches in Singapore City and in Chinatown remains operational

    Pardon my ignorance, but what's a Singapore Sling? Is it some sort of cocktail? Care to share a picture?
  18. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @sarasas it's a yummy mixed drink!

    I know that it has pineapple juice and cherry syrup and I think Cointreau in it - but I'm not sure of the other ingredients off the top of my head!