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Songkran - Water Festival Of Thailand

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Victor Leigh, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    Yes, it's time for Songkran again. This is the Water Festival of Thailand, which is held, more or less, in the second week of April. This year it is set for the 13th of April. However, in many places in Thailand, Songkran starts earlier than that.

    Traditionally, Songkran is the New Year in Thailand. However, most of the traditional rites, although still practiced, have been eclipsed by the sheer fun of throwing water at anyone and everyone during what is the hottest part of the year in Thailand.

    If you are anywhere nearby, join in the fun. If you can't make it this year, plan ahead for next year. Seriously, where else and when else can you throw water at a policeman and get away with it?
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  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    So many of my friends have been to Thailand in previous years when Songkran has been happening, and they look back on it so fondly! It's definitely something I'd like to experience someday! I actually saw an article in the news just today about Songkran and that they're having to cut some of the festivities short because of drought-like conditions and trying to conserve water. Hopefully in the coming years they won't have to scale back the celebrations! :)
  3. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    True, true, the drought situation in Thailand now makes it necessary to scale down the Songkran celebration. However, that does not stop the Thais from enjoying themselves. It's the one time in the whole year when it's perfectly acceptable to do crazy things. Yes, crazy things like pouring water on reporters when they crowd around to interview you. That's what the Prime Minister of Thailand did.

  4. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Aw, I have read about the Songkran Festival or the Thai New Year. Apparently, it was supposed to be a way of wishing good fortune to family members and even elders. But as time passed by, it has become a tradition to splash water to anyone, even strangers and tourists. Lol! It's such a fun and once-in-a-lifetime event that each of us must experience.

    It is also essential to visit Chiang Mai, because the largest water event is going to be held there. There will be parades of statues away from the temples. Foreigners and tourists are welcome to join this event as well. Although it's advised that they pour water on the statues as carefully and gently as possible.

    Ending my post with my favorite Thai actor, Mario Maurer:

    I cannot find a picture of him in the festival itself, lol.
  5. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! I want to walk around with a Nerf gun too. I think its an interesting tradition, much like the Japanese fertility festivals...
    Plus, I love those times when it's acceptable to be crazy. People do amazing things--but not bad things.
    Definitely putting this time of the year on my bucket list.
  6. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    In view of the drought in Thailand at the moment, the authorities have come up with some innovative ways to keep the fun in the Songkran Water Festival without wasting too much water. In Ayutthaya, which is a province just north of Bangkok, the local authorities filled a dried-up canal with water and the local people had a great Songkran day.
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I would love to be in Thailand for that songkran festival. My husband and I were in Bangkok in late March together with my 2 nieces and a nephew. Our tour guide mentioned that water festival where everyone has a water gun or water cannon for getting someone wet. And everybody gets wet just for the fun of it. We also have that in Manila and the adjacent San Juan City during June 24 which is Manila Day. But the water festival is held only in the morning and it is over by lunch time. Maybe next year we would time our tour in Bangkok for the songkran festival.
  8. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    Wow! That looks like fun. I love the water and any activity that involves it. I would definitely want to participate in that festival.

    We also have a similar festival in the Philippines. It's called San Juan, named after St. John the Baptist. It's celebrated every June 24, in the city aptly named San Juan. If you don't want to get wet, then you better steer clear of the place. A lot of people participate in it and they would throw buckets of water on anyone. Firetrucks even roam the streets to get people wet. It's really fun.
  9. sararas

    sararas Member

    Songkran2010. My friends and I had a chance to experience Songkran back in 2010. We actually didn't know that it was Songkran when we visited Bangkok that year. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences I've had in that vacation. Getting wet was truly something we didn't expect. WE had LOADS of fun though. The streets got crazy too. There were tons of people that we were unable to take pictures of the celebration afraid that our cameras would get wet. People also smudge people with white powder. It's like one good excuse to touch practical strangers, haha! This was us back in our hotel with WET clothes and WHITE SMUDGES after being shocked at the craziness that was Songkran. Would love to go back for another experience, though!