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The View From The Shard

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Chris Jackson, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson New Member

    Morning everyone. I am new on this forum and have joined to find out about The View from the Shard.

    I plan to propose to my girlfriend and thought that The View from the Shard would be a good place to do so as it is would be an evening proposal and the beautiful view of London would be seen.

    There are a few questions which I have about The View from the Shard and would be grateful if they were answered.

    1. Do I need to prebook the tickets for The View from the Shard?

    2. Do you think any special arrangements can be made if I notify the staff there that I will be proposing to my girlfriend?

    3. Are there drinks and snacks available there?

    4. As I plan an evening proposal I need to know what time The View from the Shard is open until.