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Things To Do In Brighton

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Sam Haines, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Sam Haines

    Sam Haines New Member

    I am going to Brighton beach with my friends and fingers crossed if the weather is good we would be spending time at the beach during the morning and afternoon.

    We do intend to be in Brighton until night so need some help in knowing what things to do in Brighton apart from going to the beach and to the Pier.

    Please also suggest the best fish and chips shop in Brighton too.
  2. adamgilcristt

    adamgilcristt New Member

    Brighton is known as an english seaside resort town. It is most famous day trip destination. There are so many things to do while visiting Brighton such as Sea life of Brighton, Undercliff walk, Queens park, Royale Pavilion and Clock Tower etc to make your Brighton visit joyful.