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Trains From London To Paris

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ann M, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Ann M

    Ann M New Member

    Our family of five is going on a holiday to London for one week. We are considering going to Paris as it is so close to London. We would be able to explore a new city, see the famous Eiffel Tower and the kids will get a chance to go to Disney Land.

    I believe that there are trains from London to Paris which we can travel on and I would like some more information on it.

    1. What trains go from London to Paris?

    2. Where does the train depart from in London?

    3. What is the cost of the train ticket?

    4. Is there a particular luggage allowance?
  2. Oli77

    Oli77 New Member

    The Eurostar train goes from London St-Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord.

    The train departs from St Pancras in London.

    The cost of the train ticket would differ depending on the time of year you will be traveling. As an idea the cost of a train ticket from London to Paris paris at the end of September would cost around £75, from Paris to London the ticket would cost around £50 and a return fare from London to Paris would be around £130.

    There is no luggage allowance, as long as you are able to carry your own luggage and are able to put it on the luggage racks on the train.