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Travel Adventures With New Buddies

Discussion in 'Asia' started by maxen57, May 8, 2016.

  1. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I have this crazy idea of gathering a few people from anywhere in the globe who would all want to travel to the same destination, plan to raise money for the trip and then meet up at the airport or hotel or whatever location we will all decide on.

    I haven't really been anywhere other than the occasional nearby resorts on a one-day getaway trip. I just had my birthday yesterday and I realized that I haven't been living life the way I should. For the last few years, I've spent it in front of the computer trying to earn what's barely enough and I'm really getting tired. I'd like to do something spontaneous for a change. I'm going to need a passport for these though.

    An adventure with like minded people would be really fun for a change of pace.
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  2. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    It seems like a great idea, I hope you find the people who are adventurous enough for this. Unfortunately for me, being I'm a mother already and a wife, I cannot take part in events like this. For one, I always have my family with me when I'm travelling. Second, I have responsibilities at home that I need to prioritise. And lastly, I don't think I can enjoy visiting a certain place without my family with me, sounds mushy but it's the truth, lol.

    But I think you're in the right place... I mean, this is a forum about travelling and I'm certain you can find the people you need to here. The difficult part will be the certain time zones since you're all going to be from different countries. You would need to set the date and time so you would meet up with them at an exact time. Like, some of you might need to take a flight at a different time from each other.

    Another issue would be the accommodation. Do you sleep separately in different rooms? How about if you're both girls? You could save some money if you share a room.

    But I think with proper communication, all these things can be settled. And for me, it's a great way of meeting new people with the same mindset as yours. But you would still need to exercise caution and be sure that these people you meet are trustworthy.

    Good luck on your new adventure though!
  3. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    It seems as an interesting idea but you should be aware of the fact that not all people think like you. I mean, you have seriously disturbed people or even latent psychopaths. I don't want to sound gloomy or anything but I really think that it can be dangerous considering all around facts about thing happening right now in the world. As a male I would consider this idea but if I was a female I believe that I wouldn't do it not because women are weaker but they are usually the prey of diabolic men.
  4. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I sounds like something I would do. When I first came to Japan several years back to attend a Language School, I would say the idea to how the American group functioned is similar to what you are suggesting. We were pulled from all over the States, didn't know each other but somehow meshed together surprisingly well. The humongous group of us went everywhere within our traveling budget around Japan. It was a lot of fun meeting different people, learning about them as we learned about ourselves and Japanese history, and doing things I personally never thought I could do. These people, though we only were together for 3 months, continue to be some of my best friends to date.

    Of course, there are some differences with attending a school and traveling around than randomly choosing a spot and meeting said group. You would need to take a survey of personalities and places where people want to travel. You'd need the security of knowing these people are rapists or murderers.

    But if you really want an adventure abroad, have considering volunteering for WWOOF? NGO? The Peace Corps? Habitat for Humanity? What about house sitting or pet sitting abroad? You can even volunteer to rehabilitate lions in Zimbabwe if you know what websites to look for -- like transitionsabroad.com and gap360.com or goabroad.com. Another recommendation I can make is finding work at international resorts or hostels. If you want to travel but don't know how to get the money for it, house sitting, resort work or helping out around hostels can get you free accommodations and money to explore the area. Not to mention, like-minded people will already be gathered. Meeting in person is a lot better than through the internet where anyone can lie.
  5. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    That is not a bad idea actually. However if you go to a random hostel that is kinda geared towards backpackers you will pretty much find that there. Some people might have just got there, some might have been there for a few weeks already, but you'll always find quite a lot of people from all over the world. And just be brave enough to go and talk to them, they don't bite! :p I'm shy so it's a bit awkward to just go and chat with random strangers but that is how you meet new people and make new friends!
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    While I admire your sense of adventure, I would urge a little caution with your idea, for safety reasons more than anything else. Why not start a Meetup group so you can gather together a group of like-minded individuals - you an even specifiy what kind of people you want - so if you want an all female travel group you can stipulate that in the group. You can then meet up and get to know each other before you head out on your travels - at least this way you do have some security as you will know the group of people you are travelling with, rather than rocking up at an airport somewhere and hoping you haven't been stood up!
  7. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    But then you'll be stuck with people from your country! Isn't meeting strangers from different cultures one of the main reasons for traveling?
  8. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    Depends on what your main priority is. As a female traveller, mine would be safety.
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  9. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I have a friend in Facebook who is inviting me. She is a Filipina married to a European. The couple love beaches and in their last trip to Bicol, the province down south, they went island hopping. Some weeks before that trip, she had invited me and my husband. It was actually a packaged tour for 3 nights which fee includes accommodation and food. But my husband was not comfortable to go on a trip with people we really do not know - I just met her in Facebook. What if they are scammers? You cannot discount that possibility. But anyway, I guess we are not that sociable when it comes to traveling so we may not be going on that kind of adventure.