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Travel Insurance - Do You Always Get It When You Travel?

Discussion in 'Asia' started by amelia88, May 13, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I read this great article online today:


    I think it really highlights the importance of travel insurance. Honestly, the one time I travelled without being insured, I picked up a stomach bug in Korea and missed some flights - and had to pay for them out of my own pocket. Had I have had insurance, it would have more than likely been covered (or at least some portion of it!) provided I was able to get a medical certificate.

    What's your attitude towards travel insurance?
  2. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I never get travel insurance. I've always thought it was a waste of money. I don't know... it's just not something I'm concerned about. I rarely get sick and I rarely get sick when I'm on vacation. And even if I did get sick, I feel like for the insurance to be worth the money, I'd have to either be really sick or be traveling for a very long time.

    Of course, if I were going to a country where deadly diseases are common, I'll definitely get the insurance. But otherwise, I'll take the risk and save myself a good sum of money.
  3. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I'll usually purchase insurance for the airplane ride, because stuff happens so randomly anymore you never know. Paying for a flight you have no choice but to miss is very contemptible to me. I'd rather know that I can at least get reimbursed for my ticket.

    But other than that, I'm not concerned with the stuff that happens whilst traveling. If it happens, it happens. There's other insurances than can cover the costs of illness or unfortunate accidents while traveling. If you're abroad and get sick, most countries have better health care (and cheaper) than America -- and they won't turn you down for lack on insurance. If your stuff goes missing, well, that can happen anywhere, at anytime. Even in your own home. So, I don't know, I'm with @Miya on this one.
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  4. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    That's true - I've had Aussie friends visit me in the States and then travel around and get sick...one of them had to go to a doctor to get medication (just like antibiotics) and paid like $500 or so because they didn't have insurance! Blew my mind. It's so expensive here if there's no insurance in the picture...so I think maybe it depends where you're traveling from and to, as well. If the health cover is better and cheaper where you're traveling to, then I guess it's not so much of a biggie!
  5. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    Whenever we would buy plane tickets online, there is the line that offers insurance but we always decline the extra expense. I don't know why we are not convinced of the necessity of travel insurance. I'm not saying it is not good but we just feel that it's an extra expense. With life insurance, I already have it so when something happens in the plane, I am fully covered. But with our things that would get lost, that would probably a big problem if we don't have travel insurance covering those losses.
  6. Lynk

    Lynk Member

    I never even considered travel insurance. Honestly sometimes I have a negative view of insurance and I am not sure why, because insurance has really saved my butt several times! I've had pretty good experiences with my health insurance companies and with my car insurance as well. This makes me think maybe it could be a good idea.

    I have a thought sometimes that insurance is kind of a gamble, but I'm not sure it really equates considering my experiences. Your post really makes me want to more research on it!
  7. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Anyone traveling without the BASIC travel insurance... well I think that's just stupid. It really is. Unless you are european and traveling in Europe, in that case you are covered anyway for healthcare costs. I don't opt for the flight insurance, baggage insurance etc... those I don't see the point in paying for. If something gets broken, I miss the flight for some unforseen reason... well yeah those things are bad but it wont set you back more than a few hundred euros anyway.

    But yeah. Your basic travel insurance that covers your medical expenses? Damn right I have it. You can get hit by a car, have some injury when doing sports, a million other accidents can happen and healthcare IS expensive in a lot of countries. Especially if it's something serious, staying in a hospital is NOT cheap. Keep in mind that if you need to be medically repatriated into your home country and cannot take a regular flight then you're looking at way over a hundred thousand to pay for your flight back.

    Why take those risks? It's your health afterall and these are the kind of things that you simply cannot predict.
    Ohh yeah and I live in one of the most expensive countries in Europe and my basic travel insurance is 23e per year... Yes, that is 0.06e per day. I don't think that will break anyone's budget.
  8. sararas

    sararas Member

    I'm like most the others here that are aware of the benefits of insurance, but really hasn't gotten around to getting travel insurance. The only times I have travel insurance is when a friend from a group I'm traveling with purchases the ticket online. I don't mind paying the extra, then. But if I were the one doing the flight booking, I always skip it. Luckily, nothing's bad has happened to me in all the travels I've done. For sure, if something did (hopefull, not ever), I will really be in a lot of trouble.
  9. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Well... I don't really get travel insurance. But I always, always get medical travel insurance. For me, this is the most important insurance for travellers. You might get injured or sick or worse, get hospitalised and having a medical travel insurance can help with the bills. Usually, this is what a medical travel insurance covers:
    • Medical Treatment
    • Dental Treatment
    • Medical Transportation
    Even some countries don't allow tourists without medical insurance. Why? Because they don't want us to become a burden to their tax payers. But you need to thoroughly research insurance companies. We all know the horror stories of companies who fail to reimburse the bills of their members. I prefer well-known insurance companies and those who specialise in travellers and expats.

    There are even some insurance companies that allow pre-existing conditions, you just have to declare them. My medical travel insurance has a protection program for children as well, in case the parents get injured and they would need to be taken home. They will be taken home safely through this insurance program.

    So yes, basically, I prefer medical travel insurance just because the chance of injury or being ill is higher when you're travelling.
  10. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Yes - that's the main reason I get it! I always think that if something happens and I'm not covered, then I'd really be messing myself up financially (or my family - and I'm surely not from a rich family!) if I had crazy expensive medical bills. Sometimes you don't even have to be actively doing a sport or anything - imagine if someone isn't watching what they're doing and runs you down on a pedestrian crossing, or something - and you have to go to hospital for that...it's those things when I'm not in my home country that worry me!

    So I totally agree with your post :)
  11. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    I *never* travel without insurance, it's just not worth the risk. I got a bill for over $1000 from a hospital in New York once after I had to be taken to hospital with dehydration due to catching gastric flu on the plane going over there. Luckily I had the travel insurance to cover it!

    Sickness cannot be pre-empted, neither can loss or theft (I lost a diamond earring on a trip to Italy - again, covered by my travel insurance) and I feel very strongly that people should not be able to travel overseas without adequate insurance for the trip!
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  12. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Those are some perfect examples of why it's so important to have insurance. I think most of the time we like to think we are fit and healthy and that we'll never lose anything, or have anything stolen (heaven forbid!) but the fact of the matter is that life happens - and sometimes when we travel we'll get sick, we will miss flights, we will lose things in the commotion of getting from place to place, or we will have things stolen. It's the way of the world. But the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have coverage is huge. The last thing you would want to worry about on vacation is paying for medical bills - totally takes away from an otherwise enjoyable trip!
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  13. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Very good examples. The money you saved on those two cases will probably be enough to cover your travel insurance for the rest of your life. :)

    Also relating to this, be careful when looking at the insurances. Usually a short term insurance will cost you a lot while a permanent one will have a very small yearly payment.
  14. Phileas80

    Phileas80 Member

    If you purchase your flight tickets with a credit card it's best to check the terms and conditions as insurance is almost always triggered automatically. This covers all aspects of your flight and means additional travel insurance isn't necessary. It's still a good idea to get medical insurance as these costs aren't usually covered by your credit card company.
  15. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    I get the travel insurance. I've never needed it, but it just gives me an added peace of mind that someone is watching my back while I'm off 'wandering' the world. This is especially true if I'm jet-lagged and not feeling up to snuff for the first few days. I want to be certain that every possible problem is covered before I leave home. One time I was glad to have it because I was going overseas during the bird flu outbreak. They wouldn't even let people off the plane before first checking to see if any of us were feverish. I didn't get sick, but at least I knew I was covered no matter what. It's peaceful inside my head that way.