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Traveling With Pets

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Corzhens, May 13, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    In our domestic trips for vacations, we usually bring along our dogs that's why I am choosy with the accommodation. My first question in inquiring for accommodation is if the resort allows pets. There are several beach resorts that I found pet-friendly.

    I haven't tried bringing our dogs along in our foreign travels because I cannot imagine my dogs to be inside a cage in the cargo area. Is there an airline that allows dogs to be with their master in the passenger cabin?
  2. Hello Corzhens.
    Every airline has their own set of rules regarding whether or not pets are allowed in cabin or in cargo area or not at all.

    Could you please let us know which airline(s) do you prefer to travel with?
    That information is required so that I can check up whether or not brining pets on board is allowed.
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  3. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    As much as I would love to have my dog with me, it would be easier for me to travel if I don't have to worry about her and the accommodation that would allow dogs to stay. Handling on the plane would also cost extra. I'm wondering though how much it would cost if I decide to bring back a pet from another location. There's a huge chance that if I came across a cat, a dog or any other animal that I like, I would definitely take it home with me. I just checked the pet policies in Philippine Airlines just to get an idea. Depending on the size of the crate where your dog will be placed (over or under 203cm) it will either be 200% or 300% of excess baggage rate.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    And that's one of the reasons we don't have pets anymore, we like to travel a lot and it's simply not fair on them I don't think.

    I've never travelled with animals but from what I can see it can be a traumatic experience for them, so we'd choose to leave them at home. Then they miss you and pine for you until you get back, so I'd rather just not put them through that, or us for that matter.
  5. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    Someone already said it, but a lot of airlines have their own rules. Size also matters. A chihuahua might be okay riding in the cabin, but a mastiff is a no-no. When it comes to traveling abroad, you have to be careful about the foreign regulations. Japan, for example, is uber strict with animals joining their masters abroad. If you come from a country that has rabies, your animal could be in quarantine for up to 3 months. Even gerbils have to undergo a rabies check! Not cool if you plan on traveling for a shorter duration than that.

    Sometimes it's better to leave the pooches with a pet sitter or a doggy resort. It might cost a little more, but at least you know they'll be well taken care of.
  6. GemmaRowlands

    GemmaRowlands New Member

    I think it's a tricky situation, but I don't think that I would ever want an animal to be in the cabin with me, as I know that there may be other passengers with allergies who could be affected by it. I once travelled with my dog, but in hindsight it was a silly idea, and it just ended up causing a lot of stress and wasted money by the end of it - so now I will leave her with my best friend who has another dog who she gets along with really well, so she enjoys her little play dates with him!
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    The dog I want to bring is a pekingese, it's a lap dog that I can carry during the flight. And my planned itinerary is Singapore. There are 3 airlines that I know with the route of Manila-Singapore. One is our favorite airline, Cebu Pacific, another is Philippine Airlines but I think there is Singapore Air which is also affordable. With the thought of having my dog in the cargo area, I am hesitant to bring along my dog because of the horror stories I have read. And my dog is used to traveling since we usually bring them to long trips of up to 6 hours. With the toilet habits, there wouldn't be a problem.
  8. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    I would never take my dog for a vacation that includes a flight, I just don't appreciate the way they have to travel. If it's a local trip with a car... then yeah why not? Another option is to just drop the dog at a friends place for a while, that's what we usually did when we had a dog and it really worked well for everyone.
  9. I am not really sure whether it's a good idea to take a pet along for a holiday. Usually, pets have their own routines which make them comfortable. Taking them to strange places disrupt their routines and it can be stressful for the pets. The only exception, I think, is a pet which has been accustomed to traveling ever since it was a baby. In such a case, then taking the pet along would be a lot of fun for the pet. Of course, there are all kinds of hurdles to overcome like restrictions on pets on planes and in hotels. Perhaps the best way to take a pet on a journey would be to use your own transport. Here's a picture of a cat traveling by boat.


    The boat in question belongs to the owner of the cat.
  10. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I agree with Aree Wongwanlee. I don't think pets actually enjoy traveling on airplanes at all. It makes them anxious and uncomfortable. My pets have trouble just being in a car so I can't even imagine them on a plane. You also have to take into consideration other passengers. People have allergies or some simply do not like animals or are scared of them.

    But like others have said, the policy of air travel depends on the airline you travel with. However, I think most airlines will not let you take a pet onto the plane because it might cause inconvenience for other passengers.
  11. I've never gone traveling with my pets. I usually let my dog and cat stay with my mom so they are in a familiar place. The closest I got to traveling with any of my pets was a cross country move from Nebraska to California and they hated it. I've also noticed that it's really hard to find a hotel or temporary apartment that accepts pets.
  12. Seriously speaking, if you love your pet and you love traveling, the best option is to go on a walking tour. You may not be able to travel very far each day but you get to savour the passing scenery in full. Plus you can stop for the night in little places along the way and get to know the local people with their customs and cuisine. I think there's a man who is doing exactly that.

    You can read his story here: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/This-Man...nd-Has-An-Inspiring-Story-To-Tell/#.ks13j7jep