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Trouble Shopping?

Discussion in 'Asia' started by DreamingOfCherryBlossoms, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I'm a bigger woman and I was wondering if you've had trouble finding clothes in your size while shopping abroad? What your biggest problem? I heard that changing rooms in South Korea are rare, can anyone confirm this?
  2. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    I don't live in South Korea, but I can tell you that most Asian countries have smaller sized things. You'll find that if you're slightly big (or even 'normal' in your country), it can be hard to find clothing in Asian countries. I wear size 7.5 shoes which is fairly normal for women in the U.S. In Japan, that size is super hard to find and I've never been able to buy shoes in Japan because of that reason. Not to mention their sizes seem to be a size smaller than the U.S. size. I can fit a "medium" shirt in the U.S no problem, but I need to buy a "large" size here.

    Of course it's not impossible to find slightly bigger sizes, but you'll need to know where to look since not all places will have plus size available.
  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I'm thankfully short and relatively petite so I haven't had that issue, but friends of mine who are taller had SO much trouble in Japan...couldn't find shoes or clothes. I imagine it's the same in a lot of Asian countries where overall the women generally speaking seem more petite. I'm between a 7-8 size shoe depending on the brand and the style, and honestly that was the very upper limit of shoes in Japan - I have plenty of friends who are size 8 and above in shoes and they would really find it tough.
  4. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    I am not what you can call a big woman but my size is always XXX when it comes to blouses and shirts. That is one problem when you are shopping in Asia because the clothes sizes are designed for medium sized people. My husband said that in the US, it is customary to find Large size that would fit my body because the large there are for women larger than me. Even my husband who is not really big with small as his size but when we go abroad he prefers to take the Medium size to avoid problems with fitting when we arrive home. Some clothes shrink after the first washing, take note of that.
  5. Ava

    Ava Member

    When I lived in Hong Kong the shop assistant all said I was XL which I thought was rude, as I am not big, but have a G cup. It was hard to find bras and clothes were much shorter and tinier than I was used to in Europe.

    Then in the US the sizes vary from brand to brand, and there are some huge sizes available. Fortunately shoe sizes are the same all around the world, but bras have different sizing and a large in Asia is similar to a small in Europe, and a small in the US is similar to a medium in Europe. The trick is to ignore the sizing and try things on, or take a tape measure with you and measure the clothes.
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