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Unusual Experience When Touring Abroad

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Corzhens, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    In your travels, what unusual experience can you share? The most memorable is our first trip to Bangkok where the tour guide offered us a list of attractions like floating market, elephant show, elephant ride, etc. But what caught our attention was the ping pong show. The lady guide couldn't explain at first but alter on we understood. That ping pong show costs us 700 baht, around $20 for me and my husband and that included the taxi fare for round trip.

    The ping pong show is a show of naked women using the ping pong ball for their props which they insert in their sex organ. It's just too bad that cameras were not allowed. But definitely it was one unusual experience worth remembering.
  2. Ping pong shows? Are they really still around? I have never seen one but I have heard of them decades ago. What I had seen were show girls inserting live eels into their private parts. That's right. Real live eels. Not very big ones. Just about six inches long. Probably those girls could have handled something even longer. Anyway, those shows went off the scene very many years back. I am surprised they are still around.

    The weirdest thing I have experienced? Well, not those live eels. It was something related. There are troupes of show girls who travel around the country. In many places, there are VIP rooms. You can invite a girl into the room and for just $2.50, she will remove all her clothes and let you touch her anywhere you like. Not exactly outstanding if you have tried this kind of thing before. What was weird was what happened when I took two traveling salesmen to one of those shows. They paid for every single girl in the show. Apparently, they felt that they were getting more than their money's worth.

    That brings to mind someone's observation about the proceedings. He said,

    "Probably the girl was thinking, 'How stupid the man is! Just let him touch and he will give me money' and probably the man was thinking, "How stupid the girl is! Just pay her a bit of money and she will let me touch everything.'"
  3. Ava

    Ava Member

    One of my most unusual experiences was when I visited Pompeii in Italy. We didn't have enough to go on a guided tour so we decided to wander around, and we poked around an area that said 'no entry', but we got caught. The member of staff asked us why we didn't have a guide and we said we couldn't afford it. He said he had just finished work, and offered to take us around for free, including all the areas which said 'no entry', to the offices and where they were still researching relics. It was amazing as there s no way anyone outside of staff would ever have seen what we had.