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Vacation Spots For This Summer?

Discussion in 'North America' started by Norjak71, May 7, 2016.

  1. Norjak71

    Norjak71 New Member

    Anyone planning a vacation this summer? I'm planning a west coast road trip into Cali where I plan on following the LA Dodgers on a road trip to San Francisco. I've always wanted to take in a full series at an opposing park and I planned on going to California anyways so why not? What about you guys?
  2. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I'd love a summer vacation, but my plans already have been made for me... as I've been cast in a dancer role for a musical and rehearsals run all summer long (insert grumpy face here). If I could go on vacation, it wouldn't be far from home--as in, I'd take a trip to Kamakura and Enoshima, beach towns south of Tokyo.

    California is definitely an ultimate Summer getaway. I've been wanting to go myself, for the sake of visiting old friends. A lot of thems hail from San Diego, Chico and Santa Monica; and as someone from the East Coast who's lived in NYC and Baltimore, I find West Coast people much more fun-loving, warm and welcoming. Everyone loves the weather and the surf. There's also the quirkiness of San Fran, the beautiful Golden Gate bridge, numerous sporting events (as you obviously know), and mountains and beaches.
  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I'm going to Singapore! Late next month. I'm really looking forward to it now that I've finally booked tickets.

    I guess that still leaves July and August without any definite "vacation" plans, but since I won't have much leave from work left and I'll be spending a fair chunk of cash to get to Singapore, I'll probably just do some local summer getaway weekend trips. Better than nothing, I find - there's a few nice beaches nearby so just getting together with some friends for a trip there would be great in my opinion!
  4. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    It is summer here and it was sizzling hot when we were in Bangkok last month. And even coming from a tropical country like the Philippines, we had a hard time with the terrible heat in Bangkok. We were taking a bath almost 3 times in a day - after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner - because once we get out of the hotel, perspiration is a sure thing.

    This morning, I saw a friend's post in Facebook about the sizzling 25 degrees C in their place. She resides in south of London in UK. I replied to her post that 25 degrees C is the temperature inside our house when the air conditioner is working.
  5. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    I really envy you guys who can afford a vacation. I can't even go to the beach here in our province because I don't even have transportation fee. If it there's a "get-paid-to-travel" gig that exists, I'd take it. Of course, that's highly unlikely right now because businesses can afford to send legions of people to travel for them. Once I'm a successful freelance blogger, maybe I'll get to go to all the destinations I've been wanting to see.
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  6. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    My travel plans for this summer consist of driving up three hours up north to my parents' house once in June, again in July and a third time in August. :p Actually, those road trips we do once a month, every month of the year, so not so unique to summer. We are actually planning to stay at home much of the time and just take one day road trips, short jaunts to favorite cities and we want to take in a drive-in movie at least once this summer. I've never been to one, so it's a new experience for me. I've been on long road trips before, the last one being my honeymoon, which lasted ten days, but sometimes I just prefer to stay close to home for the most part.
  7. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    My mom and sisters are going to come visit me in Japan in August so I'll go on trips with them then. We'll probably be heading to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya. Other than that, I probably won't have any plans because I'll have to work during that time. I might do something in September though because it'll be Silver Week in Japan... Might go to South Korea or Taiwan.
  8. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Yes! Next week I go to Poland. Then Armenia + Georgia and in the beginning of June it's time to take a trip to Spain! After that I'll still have quite a bit of time so we will see what I think of... I really feel like going to the Netherlands again but that kinda depends on my budget too.
  9. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I've recently come back from 3 days in Amsterdam, but because its still only spring (any excuse) that doesn't count. So, in the summer...we're having a week in Italy in a few weeks time, and then a week in New York towards the end of August aswell.
  10. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    Now that the warm weather is actually here, I am revising my travel plans to include Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is one of my all-time favorite little towns. It's like having our own little Bavaria right here in the states. Polka music, lederhosen, chicken dinners, beer, horse and carriage rides, beer, buildings designed like an actual Bavarian village, beer, flowers galore, and did I mention beer? German beer, of course, and the atmosphere in that town is pure magic, at least in my opinion... and I don't even drink beer. ;)
  11. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Just came back from another trip (Spain this time). This could definitely be counted as a summer vacation since it was sunny and warm! :) Still planning on at least one more trip during the summer, most likely in early July.