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Weather In Majorca In October

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Kathleen Dhilly, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Kathleen Dhilly

    Kathleen Dhilly New Member

    My partner and I would like to go to Majorca for a holiday, currently, the time we can both get off from work is in October. October in Britain is quite cold and we are hoping it would be good in Majorca, but of course, need to know for sure.

    Please provide some information on what the weather in Majorca in October is like.

    What kind of temperatures can we expect?
  2. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    You have not mentioned the specific location in Majorca where you will be traveling to, so I can not specify the weather about a particular area but generally, the weather in Majorca during the month of October is quite unpredictable. You can have days of full sunshine and days when there is rain and even sometimes a thunderstorm.

    The temperatures in Majorca during the early weeks of October can be anywhere between 19 c to 29 c and in the later weeks of October the temperatures the maximum temperatures would be around 24 c. So if you want to go for the sun and stay in high temperatures it would be best to go during the first two weeks of October.
    Temperatures during the night do drop and can go down to as little as 10 c. The closer you are to the sea the warmer it will be, where as if you are somewhere about 10km away from the sea the temperatures will be roughly about 5 c lower.

    Don't be put off with this as during most days of October you get a full day of sunshine, but like mentioned do be prepared to get some rainy and stormy days. Overall it would be better than the weather in Britain..:)