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Whаt Аrе Thе Hаrdеst Аdjustmеnts Tо Mаkе Whеn Visiting Sоuth Аfriса?

Discussion in 'Africa' started by WilliamV, May 2, 2016.

  1. WilliamV

    WilliamV New Member

    Prеtty muсh thе sаmе аs thе аdjustmеnts yоu hаvе tо mаkе whеn visiting аny соuntry, аlthоugh, оbviоusly, thеrе аrе а fеw оf nоtе.
    In tеrms оf аvоiding bеing thе viсtim оf (оur muсh tаlkеd аbоut but nоt асtuаlly sо bаd) сrimе; just usе соmmоn sеnsе, аs yоu wоuld whilе visiting аny соuntry. Knоw thаt thеrе аrе а fеw сulturаl dо's аnd dоn'ts (likе in аny соuntry) Knоw аlsо thаt аlmоst еvеrybоdy whо visits hеrе соmеs bасk sеvеrаl timеs, аnd mаny sеttlе hеrе pеrmаnеntly.
    Thеrе аrе still mаny lеgасiеs оf Аpаrthеid, but mоst оf us gеt оn VЕRY wеll with еасh оthеr. Sоmе whitе pеоplе will tеll yоu "Dоn't gо intо thе tоwnships." This is bullsh!t. I аm whitе, I livе in а histоriсаlly "whitе" аrеа (suburb) [оf Саpе Tоwn], thе mоst bеаutiful сity in thе wоrld - аnd vоtеd "fаvоuritе tоurist dеstinаtiоn tеn timеs in tеn yеаrs. I аm pеrfоrming stаnd up соmеdy а fеw hоurs frоm nоw in а tоwnship, аnd I knоw thаt I will bе wеlсоmе аnd sаfе. I саn аlsо tеll yоu thаt I will bе pаrtying соmе sunrisе.
    Inbоx mе if yоu wаnt spесifiс аdviсе.
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    That mention of avoiding being a victim of crime sent shivers. I understand that we have many cultural difference with some African countries particularly the food and the attire. But I'm sure I will be confused with the issue of racial discrimination although I am not white but I am not black either. However, South Africa is a progressive country now and probably the people there are into the internet like us so we may be on the same vibes somehow.
  3. sararas

    sararas Member

    Travel definitely gives a person perspective. I have long accepted that anything that I hear from the news are not entirely representative of the area. Thus, I keep telling everyone to not believe everything you hear at face value. More often than not, the things you hear are just overblown by the media. Thus, when you give in to the fear you are the one to miss out on a beautiful country.
    Anyhow, South Africa may not be in my travel horizon, but I sure would love to have the chance to visit the place. As mentioned by OP, one just have to employ one's common sense. Wherever we go, we are guest to that country, thus we have to respect the people and culture.
  4. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience. I think that with every country we visit, there's that risk of being a target for petty crimes. Just because, we're foreigners and we don't know much about the country. So my number one advice would have to be: research about the place you're going to first, be it Africa or Asia. Know which places have high crime rates or are considered dangerous for tourists. And don't just rely on one one review, read a couple of blogs or articles about it as well.

    My next advice would be to observe. Don't text while walking because it makes you vulnerable. Don't be super trusting of all people. Enjoy the views and sceneries but don't forget to be vigilant for pickpockets and thieves as well. Be a tourist that is very attentive even though you want to enjoy the destination. Because in the end, it's your safety that is at the risk.

    Next would be avoid travelling during the night. Even in my own country, it's not something that I do. As much as possible, do all your trips during the day. If you must eat out during the night, do so at nearer locations to your hotel. Or even better, order in so you won't need to go out of your room.

    Follow all the laws in whatever country you're visiting. Make sure that you study their culture as well so you know what not to do. Be courteous and respectful to all people that you meet.