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What's Stopping You?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by amelia88, May 14, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Obviously the fact that we're all here shows that we have a passion for, and an interest in traveling.

    I'm curious to know what's stopping each of us from being somewhere and exploring the world right now. I put this under the Europe subheading because I would love to go to Iceland (it's one of my main destinations I'm passionate about visiting right now!) but it's just a matter of putting the cash aside for it, and also getting time off work which is always a consideration too. Plus, sometimes it's also a matter of distance. It can be easier to travel somewhere nearby, rather than going on an expensive international trip.

    What about you? What's stopping you from visiting your dream destination right now? Are you actively taking steps to make your dream trip happen?
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    What's stopping me is what's stopping most of us here - money to spend. Honestly, I am now used to traveling. In fact, we were in a beach resort last weekend. And for our foreign travels, last month my husband and I plus 3 kids were in Bangkok. In October we have a trip to Singapore together with my sister and her husband. Not to brag but we already have plane tickets for Malaysia and Japan next year. However, these 2 trips for 2017 is still waiting for a budget so maybe if I cannot secure the money then we have to scrimp a bit for the Christmas expenses.

    If I would win the lotto jackpot, my first impulse would be to take a cruise to Europe and a leisure trip to the US. So again, the only factor that is stopping me with my wanderlust is the budget for the travel.
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  3. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    Corzhens has a point. Though you might stumble upon a deal like house swapping or volunteering for an organization, in the end you need the financial stability to back yourself up in the long run.

    However, because I don't mind living paycheck to paycheck (been doing it since I've flown the coop), the only thing stopping me right now is my visa status in Japan. If I wasn't legally compelled to attend a college in Japan, I'd be out traveling the world. Yet, now that I found out how to change my foreign student status to something more along the freelancer lines, that might very well change.
    So then there'd be nothing stopping me. Muahaha.
  4. crimsonghost747

    crimsonghost747 Active Member

    Well I'm leaving on Monday so currently it's about 48h that is stopping me! :p
    But yeah, money and time and the fact that those two are inversely proportional. If I work a lot then I have the money to spend but I don't have the time to travel. And if I take time off work then I'll have all the time I need but not enough income to travel much.
  5. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    It is money for most of us. If we had money we would not even be on this forum but somewhere on the beach or the mountain. I realized a funny thing about wishes and power of will. The recent thing that happened to me was that I wanted to work from my home. The economical situation in my country is terrible and long story short I talked about this and even was working on some PTC platforms that were not enough for me to get by monthly. First, I found a site where I was able to earn some 100 dollars a month by using my knowledge and resource from the web and even though it was also not enough I was talking about this all the time like it was the best job ever and it will bring me the desire payment. Not so long ago I found a job online that I really like and that will bring mi much more cash and this method I will try to use for this issue. Transferring my will and my wish to travel from this job and my happiness to the rest of you is a start. I think I will go and travel at least in Europe and that this job is going to allow me that.
  6. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    Money, money and money! That's the ultimate truth for most of us. If I have all the money in the world, I'll go everywhere. Also, there's the issue of safety. It used to be that people can just pack their things and go to seek their fortunes elsewhere while living a carefree life. But the world isn't as safe as it used to be too. You can't just go anywhere without a high risk of getting jumped and worse, abducted. But that's only if you plan to travel on foot. We need cash for services of people trying to make a living. This is solely why I'm currently trying to study Forex trading and learning from a good mentor who's also earning massively from it. I want to eventually retire without any problems and go anywhere I want.

  7. omgidk

    omgidk New Member

    As most people have stated, money is key! I'm a broke college student so all I have are my dreams for now. Plus I'd like to get my bachelor's degree before I take off to see the world because I think it will be easier to make money if I have a degree. It'll definitely be easier to get a job with one. I could teach English or do some freelance work or something. Hopefully I will graduate from university within two years and with no debt so that I'll have some money for travelling. I plan on going to Russia and maybe getting my master's degree there.
  8. sararas

    sararas Member

    The stated fact is money. So, I won't explain on that ground any further. What I noticed from other people that stopped them from actualizing their dream to travel is not learning to deal with delayed gratification. For most people I know, they end up staying put because they want to travel right there and then. They don't want to delay their gratification, and thus, usually end up NOT traveling at all. As money is the issue, and not having it right there and then stops them from making travel plans. But if you're one intent on realizing your dream, you can actually start buying the ticket even if you don't have the entire budget for it yet. Sure, you won't be enjoying the travel immediately, but at least sometime in the near future, you'll be in your dream destination.
    Overall, I think the culprit is LIFE HAPPENS and it comes in varied forms. You might be a student, and forgoing studies just isn't an option yet. If you're working, travel plans become dependent on your leave credits. As an employee, you only have limited time off each year, and you can't very well go across the world with only just 1 week leave credits. Or you may be a family person, and can't just take off anytime, or you have a sickness that prevents you from exploring the world. Whatever the case, one of the ways that traveling can be done, is if you choose to lead an itinerant lifestyle; establish an online business that you can do wherever in the world as long as there's Internet, or be a freelancer, etc.
  9. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Yes, another really important point you brought up - safety! That's stopping me from visiting a few locations too. I feel like there are so many parts of the world that are just absolutely gorgeous, or have amazing history behind them -- but it gets to a point where my safety has to come first. If it's not a country with a great safety record for foreigners, I usually keep my distance and hope that one day, in my lifetime it might be safer for people to visit then :)