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Which country is the best to do some shopping?

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Sissi Beau, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Sissi Beau

    Sissi Beau New Member

    I've always wanted to travel to Asia, and I love to shop. I was wondering which country will be the cheapest to buy some clothes, makeup and accessories. I've heard that there are some duty free malls in some countries that are extra-cheap! Do you know where?
    I'll appreciate any feedback!
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  2. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    Hong Kong, Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore and Dubai are major shopping cities in Asia. Want to do budget shopping or become extravagant, choice is yours. These are actually shopping hubs in the world. In the recent times, Shanghai (China) is also evolving as a major shopping city in the world
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  3. Future_Martian

    Future_Martian New Member

    Warning about China , their products are either toxic or not durable. Japan,South Korea or Taiwan are the better option for shopping for me because their products have a better quality. Chinese products have planned obsolescence and they have been involved in multiple safety scandals with their products. If you are just going to buy clothes, I believe products from China and Hong Kong would be okay but they were not the best place to shop food and appliances.
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  4. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    @Future_Martian perhaps your thoughts on Chinese product is one-sided. Chinese products do well in European and American market. Attraction on Chinese products is because of their prices, which appeals to low income families and individuals. I agree China is not a best market for food. Sometime back there was a news about Chinese baby formula which contained toxic substance.
  5. Sissi Beau

    Sissi Beau New Member

    @Future_Martian I was planning to buy clothes and bags so I think I will be okay (just have to wash them thoroughly). I heard that South Korea was getting a little more expensive, so maybe China is the way to go.
    Isn't Dubai really expensive @vinaya ? I wanted to shop a lot (cute stuff) but like you said, I'm attracted to the lower prices because I don't have a really high income. I don't even mind getting some fake designer brands (although I don't care about brands, just if the stuff looks good) if the price is really cheap and the apparel is pretty.
    Also, do you know anything about the duty free malls?
  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I definitely think that to me, Korea was the best experience I had with shopping. Particularly with cosmetics - I feel like there are so many great cosmetics stores in Korea that are reasonably priced but great quality too - and isn't that what we all want?!

    Some of my favorite places for Korean beauty supplies/makeup/skincare were Tony Moly, Etude House, The Face Shop and Holika Holika. Another thing that's awesome about Korean cosmetics is that they're all packaged so cutely! I probably would buy their stuff just for the cute packaging!
  7. ellajanelle

    ellajanelle Member

    If you're looking for cheap clothing suppliers, the best place is at Bangkok, Thailand. I would call it the shopping capital of Asia! A lot of sellers purchase in bulk from stalls in Bangkok and sell them individually online or in boutiques. However, if you're looking for cheap but legit cosmetics, Korea is where you'll find them. I personally love shopping from Korean stores because I know how serious they are about skin care. :)
  8. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Here's a few shopping destinations in Asia that you might want to check out:
    • Hong Kong, China. Even the famous celebrities and politicians in my country go to Hong Kong to buy authentic and expensive goods. But that's not to say that there aren't any available cheaper items because there is. You just need to go through the street shops and see for yourself. If you're into branded items, then there's Central District and Soho.
    • Bangkok, Thailand. If you particularly love cheap items and of course, haggling, then Bangkok is the best shopping place for you. It might be a bit uncomfortable though because of the heat and humidity so better schedule your shopping at a bearable weather. Or maybe opt for the air-conditioned shopping centres.
    • Seoul, South Korea. Visit the Dongdaemun street markets for cheap and affordable clothing items. If you love cosmetics, then you will love South Korea because it has tons of affordable brands!
    • Delhi, India. We all know that India is the best place when it comes to haggling. So better pack up your haggling skills in the streets of India to find the best deals.
    I hope you can find this helpful! Good luck!


    Here in my country, duty free malls give certain discounts to people or tourists who just came to the country. They mostly have American branded items, like Hershey's, Cadbury, GAP and all these.
  9. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    If you have a decent budget, Japan is a great location. Kyoto has tons of old and modern gifts that work great as souvenirs and it's not nearly as expensive as Tokyo.

    I would probably recommend Hong Kong as the cheapest shopping spot though. They have tons of items you can buy from street vendors. Street vendors don't have to pay high rent for their booths so you can get really good deals on some items. You can even haggle some of them for a cheaper price and usually they'll give it to you.

    South Korea is also a great option for cosmetics. I've never been but my sister goes all the time and comes back with suitcases full of make-up.
  10. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I live in Japan and will say that there are some places where you can get very good deals on things like cosmetics and traditional Japanese goods. There are also tax-free shops available now to people with tourist visas, so you don't need to deal with the 8% consumption tax. This is nice for shopping for clothing or other items of high quality in Tokyo.

    Kyoto is where you want to go for souvenirs, as Miya said.

    South Korea, though, is amazing. Decently priced clothing and cosmetics of superb quality. Highly recommended.
  11. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    If you want to go shopping for make-up, I suggest that you go to Myeong-dong in Seoul, South Korea. My friends and I went there and it was like paradise for girls who love make-up. The stores are side by side and you can find cosmetics in just about any corner.

    If you're going to shop for clothes, then I suggest Singapore, and Hong Kong. Although it's more expensive in Singapore.
  12. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    We were in Bangkok last month for a 5-day vacation. My husband and I brought along 2 nieces and a nephew. It was a fruitful tour with the elephant ride and the safari not to mention the exotic food and high quality fruits. But the most enjoyable was the shopping because right in the vicinity of our hotel were street vendors selling food stuff, clothing items and accessories. And the best part of shopping is the cheap prices. Long sleeve shirts costs only $5 at the most and printed t-shirts are half that price. In fact, if I would buy clothing items worth $500, it would be a lot that I won't be able to bring it home with our trip.
  13. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    Shopping in the Philippines is fun if you're an American, as long as you have a complete understanding of the currency exchange rate. Erma Bombeck once wrote that foreign currency was like Monopoly money to her, and I can certainly understand that. In fact, so did the shoe store owner whose eyeballs lit up with dollar signs when he saw me coming into his store at the Mall of Asia. I only have two feet and he whipped out just about every shoe in the place for me to try on. I never saw someone work so hard for a sale before, but he got the job done. Things are definitely cheaper in the Philippines, but like I said, keep track of your spending as you can easily go overboard.
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  14. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    Turkey is famous to be a great shopping and bargain place and it is partly in Asia so there you go. I know for a fact that boutiques from my country have the clothes from Turkey. The owners go every month to shop there and then they resell it here for doubled price. The quality varies but you can find some seriously good stuff there as well as some seriously Chinese stuff. So it depends on how deep is your wallet.
  15. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Shopping in Asia can be tricky due to the quality of some of the products and them not being exactly genuine, even though they are cheap.

    While I've never been myself, my brother as been to Hong Kong a few times on business and he's brought back a lot of products that are cheap and they are original and not fake, so from my limited knowledge I'd go with the ones on here that have already said Hong Kong.
  16. integrity101

    integrity101 New Member

    China and Hong Kong are top choices for dropshippers and wholesale businesses. They are also quite pocket friendly but be warned close to 90% of Chinese products are knock offs.
  17. Phileas80

    Phileas80 Member

    If it's your first time you have to consider ease of communication, Hong Kong is the best location for this. English is widely spoken and by using online guides you will be able to find reputable retailers. It is also easy to move around as the island is quite small so you'll have no difficulty in finding what you're looking for. It's also tough to be beaten for price and if you really want cheap prices you can hop on a train to Guangzhou which is a manufacturing hub in China and just over an hour away.

    For similar reasons I'd also suggest Thailand, English is well spoken, it's easy to get around and with a bit of research you can find the reputable dealers. Buying in Asia is an art to itself so the experience is also something greater in those countries.
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  18. GemmaRowlands

    GemmaRowlands New Member

    I have been to Thailand and I have to admit that out of all of the places that I have travelled to, that was by far the best experience that I have ever had. The clothes are beautiful and cheap, and I had the honour of getting the chance to visit a dressmaker in her workshop. It was a beautiful, tiny place, and she took my measurements there and then, let me choose my own material, and said that she would have something ready for me the next day. I went back and she presented me with a beautiful dress - and she would take next to nothing for it! I pressed more money on her though because I really valued what she had done for me.
  19. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    @Phileas80 As a person that appears pretty knowledgeable on the subject, would you say that the quality of the Chinese products is starting to get higher?

    I know that they're well known to be a lot cheaper than here in the west, but sometimes the quality can be an issue and as been for some time.
  20. Phileas80

    Phileas80 Member

    Good question, there are two standards in China to be honest, good quality and other. The good quality products may be more expensive and sold by larger more respectable companies. The other stuff is cheaper and either exported or sold domestically to people who don't know the difference of just want cheap goods.

    So depending on which batch you get it may appear the quality is increasing/decreasing.
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  21. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    In a way that can be said about items bought all over the world I guess, and even over here in the UK you can get various quality products depending on how much your willing to spend.

    With some of the Chinese products though, it really is a wide margin, and you can get something that is either absolutely brilliant, or absolutely shocking, there's not an in between.
  22. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    Although there are a lot of Chinese products that are of low-quality, there are knock offs that are as close to the quality of the original. Here in my country, we call them Class A products. But since they are knock offs, some would have little damages. So you just have to inspect them carefully when you buy them. But there are also branded products that are made in China and they are of good quality.