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Your Favorite Asian "fast Food"

Discussion in 'Asia' started by amelia88, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I know that in an ideal world we would all have the time to stop for long, fancy meals - but let's be honest, sometimes when we travel I'm sure we have all thought to ourselves "okay - fast food it is!"

    Do you have any favorites in Asia? I really loved Coco's Curry in Japan (so good!) and Beef bowls from Yoshinoya and Sukiya. They're cheap too, but I feel like they're way better than the fast food equivalents I would get here at home in the States.

    I didn't really get a chance to experience much in other countries when it comes to fast food but I would love to get your favorites in case I'm in those countries at some point!
  2. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    The gyuudon places are definitely my favorite. I'm a big fan of Yoshinoya... super cheap, delicious, and filling! Coco's Curry is also pretty good, but they don't have a close location near me so I don't go often.

    In terms of burgers and stuff, a lot of the Japanese fast food chains are lacking. That's mainly because they use the beef/pork mixed with onion patty and that tastes off to me. It's fine as a hamburger steak (hamburg), but I prefer beef patties. I'd say Freshness Burger is probably the best Japanese fast food chain in terms of burgers and fries. But they're also a little pricier because they aim to be "healthy".
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  3. Myrr

    Myrr Member

    Mine would be Tokyo Tokyo because I love eating Japanese food. And the best thing about this place, they have unlimited rice. So for a person like me who loves to eat a lot, Tokyo Tokyo is heaven-sent. Yoshinoya is also a great place, but they don't offer unlimited rice. Another favorite of mine is Chow King. They sell Chinese food though. I love their Nai Cha. There was a time that I got so addicted to it that I buy Nai Cha from them every day. :D
  4. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Member

    The Food Republic in Tung Chung, Hongkong is my favorite when it comes to fast food. It is a mix of Chinese, of course, and Asian plus continental dishes. I always order the fried Taiwanese dumplings which is like the Japanese gyouza while my husband's favorite is the rice toppings of a Portuguese cuisine. What's nice in Food Republic is the competitive prices not to mention the authentic taste. It also has a big dining area so you need not wait for vacant tables unlike in other fast foods. And another plus, which we had sampled, was the fine dining which is located in the far corner - they have good steaks there.
  5. Coco

    Coco Active Member

    Here's a few of my favourite Asian fast foods, categorised by country:
    • Let's start with my country, the Philippines: My favourite fast food here is Jollibee. I think they have some chains in Hong Kong, America and Vietnam. My favourite here is the Spaghetti and Chicken meal. Their spaghetti is quite sweet with some hotdogs in it, it's more specifically for children. Their chicken is very delicious, it's crunchy outside but very juicy inside. I also love their "palabok" but I don't think it's available outside our country.
    • My favourite fast food chain in Japan would have to be Pepper Lunch. It's a restaurant where you they cook the meals in your sizzling plate in front of you. There's a variety of meals and you can choose which sauce you'd prefer either honey sauce or garlic soy sauce.
    • In South Korea, it has to be BonChon. I particularly love their JapChae, yum! But their chickens are delicious as well, you can choose which flavour you want as well. Their fish fingers are very soft inside but crunchy outside.
    It's great that these fast food chains are also available here in my country. That's why I can enjoy these foods whenever I want. I will try out your suggestions as well if ever I'm in the countries you have mentioned.:)
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  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @Coco I loooooved Pepper Lunch too!! They had it in a mall that I visited, and I thought it was great. I ordered one with a hamburger steak, and it came with rice, carrots, beans, corn and some noodles all for less than 1000 yen from memory - super tasty and great value too! I think I must have had the garlic soy sauce - they just gave me one by default! But it was so yummy!

    I haven't tried the other fast food places you mentioned but I'll be sure to give them a try if I come across them in my travels!
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  7. sararas

    sararas Member

    Fast Food places are my go to dining for me. In as much as I'd like to experiment, I've the tendency to go for the more familiar. Also, they're cheaper, I think!
    While in Seoul, Lotteria is a gift for me. During that travel to South Korea, I have not developed the taste for Korean foods yet.
    The picture below is of a Lotteria branch somewhere in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. I like it here because the food agrees with my Filipino taste bud.


    Another favorite in Seoul is Paris Baguette Cafe. Who wouldn't want these for breakfast?
    Paris Baguette.

    I think these two places are savior to those who can't subsist on noodles and everything spicy.

    In the other countries, Mc Do is also a very familiar place. I like that each country you visit, there is a different kind of offering. Like the McSpaghetti. I think this is an ONLY in the Philippines meal. In HK, they carry corn kernels/black burger which I have not seen offered in my home country.

    KFC is also another go to place. I wish the breakfast they offer in Singapore be made available in the Philippines. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think we have this kind of breakfast meal in our KFC branches. I stand corrected if they're being offered now. NOTE if you're in Thailand, be careful when ordering SPICY. They really mean HOT and SPICY. I can tolerate their HOT and SPICY in my country, but it was an altogether different matter in Bangkok. Literally, you're going to be asking for milk when you order their hot and spicy. It will really burn your tongue!
    KFC breakfast.
  8. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    Oh my god. I live in Japan and we have Lotteria here and it never looks like that (the picture sararas posted). Lotteria looks a lot better outside of Japan even though it started here... in Japan, they serve pretty mediocre burgers and they don't have steak sets like the one pictured.
  9. Valerie

    Valerie Active Member

    I agree with you. Lotteria is pretty disappointing in Japan right now. Even McDonald's does a better job!

    My favorite fast food comes from Yoshinoya. Being vegetarian, I love their lunch bowls. My other favorite doesn't come from a fast food chain at all, but rather the Aeon supermarkets. I adore their sushi rolls.
  10. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @sararas thanks so much for the great pictures - I've never seen a KFC that sells waffles! That's bizarre to me, although it's kinda cool at the same time - I love waffles, so I'll never complain about them being found more commonly than expected!

    The meal at Paris Baguette café looks great, too! A good variety of things - I like when breakfasts include some sweet and some savory so you can get the best of both worlds!
  11. Rachel

    Rachel Member

    I have never eaten any Asian fast food - at least, I don't think I have. Would that include thing like Wagamama and Yo Sushi? I cannot think of any other outlets in the UK that sell what could be considered fast food, Asian style. I am not a fan of sushi as I can't really get my head around the idea of eating raw fish, but I love noodles.
  12. sararas

    sararas Member

    I wish we have Lotteria here in the PH. What I like is the little side dish. The picture shown is actually not steak (not the real one at least), but something similar to a burger patty. But I thought the taste was OK though.
    If it's any consideration, I think Mister Donuts in Japan are way better than what what we have here in the PH. It's really sad. But I think I saw an outlet in our capital city Manila, that is at least a lot closer to the Japan branches. Unfortunately, it hasn't reached at my home province of Cebu yet.
  13. sararas

    sararas Member

    Oh, no problem! Glad to share with the others. I second you with the KFC breakfast meal. I love waffles, too. But being Filipino ,waffles for breakfast cannot tramp our beloved rice.So, I understand why marketing would not even consider offering this meal to our country.
    I also would like to share this picture of Dunkin Donuts from a branch in Seoul.
    dunkin donuts.
    The bun tastes and has a muffin-like texture. I can't remember what's in between the bun though, except the cheese.(Probably burger patty). I don't think we have this in our country. Also, what's notable in this Dunkin Donuts in Seoul is the establishment's atmosphere is comparable to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Our Dunkin Donut outlets are truly far from it.
  14. ellajanelle

    ellajanelle Member

    I love Pepper Lunch from Japan! It's a bit pricey for a rice meal but it's really good and tasty. I love the honey sauce too. I like BonChon too 'cause the chicken tastes one of a kind. It's sweet but crisp and tasty. The JapChae is great too. Affordable.
  15. maxen57

    maxen57 Member

    We have Tokyo Tokyo and Chowking here in the Philippines that are family favorites. Tokyo Tokyo, obviously the fast food take for Japanese food, serves bento boxes of main dish, side dish, a serving of rice and vegetables and soup. The desert is not bad either. They also have sushi and ramen. My favorites are the prawn tempura and pork tonkatsy bento boxes. At Chowking, the choices are catered more to the Filipinos taste. Rice meals, noodles and dim sum are the best sellers here. I have a soft spot for breaded pork chop and an order of Chicharap prawn crackers.
  16. krnd

    krnd New Member

    Some of my favourite although not necessarily fastfood here in Seoul are from Yogertpresso (near exit 3 in Hongdae) and a local place I head to for brunch sometimes, here are some pictures!
  17. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    Even the "hamburg" (that's what a hamburger steak is called in Japan) isn't available in Lotteria Japan. They just have the basic stuff and it's not so good. As for Mister Donuts, it's decent but I still think Krispy Kreme wins for donuts.

    I didn't know Yoshinoya had vegetarian options. Is it a regional thing?
  18. tgthewriter1

    tgthewriter1 New Member

    My favorite favorite Asian fast food the Chinese place in the mall. I can not spell the name correctly. So I will not mention it. But, it is a good place to eat. You can get a full box of rice and meats for $8.00. The customer service is always excellent. I like trying the different flavors of chicken. My mouth gets wet just thinking about the place. I miss going to the place. I haven’t went there in a long time. I will again when I get the time.
  19. krnd

    krnd New Member

    Some other amazing 'fast food' dishes in Korea would be tteokbokki (it's some sort of spicy rice cakes) and my favourite, samgyeopsal!

    Honestly a lot of the fast food in Korea is incredibly healthy and you'd be surprised the ingredients used for it are the ones you would expect to take part of a 'healthy meal'
  20. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    The beans felt very British to me! It's not very common that you would see beans being served like that for a breakfast meal here in the US. People do eat beans, but it's usually at a barbecue or something, definitely not with breakfast (at least not where I live!)

    It's fun getting a glimpse into foods around the world!
  21. krnd

    krnd New Member

    I can't say it is very Korean either as they don't usually have breakfast, but there are plenty of bean dishes in here, especially red sweet beans which can be eaten with ice cream and rice cakes (patbingsu), it is definitely one of the best traditional things you can try in Korea!
  22. sararas

    sararas Member

    I think I'd enjoy that yogurt minus the strawberry/blueberry though. I'm waffle/pancake fanatic, so what you have right there is PURE LOVE! Something I would thoroughly enjoy and could finish in just a few gulps, haha!
  23. sararas

    sararas Member

    Agree, Krispy Kreme offers way better-tasting donuts than Mister Donuts. My comparison really is more on the place itself. The set-up of the whole cafe. The ambiance and all that. Mister Donuts PH just doesn't have the vibe that most coffee shops have. I could say the same thing to our local Dunkin Donuts, too. Although I love their donuts more here as they're cheaper.
    Speaking of donuts, if I've more budget I'll go for JCo among all these donut shops.

    Regarding the comment on 'regional thing', I really do believe that meal offerings do deal with regional tastes. The franchise may be for the brand, but I think the companies make consideration on the local market's taste. After all, the local market is the target consumers. They have to adapt some of the meal offerings to suit the locals. Otherwise, the franchise may die on its own as it won't survive the competition.
  24. Miya

    Miya Active Member

    Very true. Plus in the case of Japan, there are some products that are exclusive to a prefecture/region and you can't get it anywhere else. So usually fast food chains will create new food items based on the ingredients available in their prefecture. For example, in Okinawa I saw a lot of purple sweet potato products at their fast food restaurants. They even had purple sweet potato fries which is an Okinawa exclusive. I didn't try it, but it must've been good because there was a long line.
  25. sararas

    sararas Member

    Your reply makes me recall of a Mc Do story. I could no longer remember the book that I read before, but it did narrate how the Mc Donalds Philippine franchise managed to include a "spaghetti meal" in their menu line up. If my memory serves me, it took the Philippine McDo franchise holder 2 years to convince McDo Headquarters to include it in the Philippine's McDo Menu. To those who doesn't know, it's only in the Philippines that McDo didn't beat the local fast food brand. For most Filipinos, Jollibee (a local brand) will always be the number 1 brand. Among its famous meal is the "Jolly Spaghetti." Thus, for McDo to compete with the local brand, they had to introduce their own version of a spaghetti meal, and they call it "McSpaghetti".

    Below is Mc Do's explanation of why some of their meals are different each country. Quoted verbatim from McDo site:
    We try to adapt our menu to reflect different tastes and local traditions for every country in which we have restaurants. We're keen to respect cultural differences and so every country has its own policy of developing menu items.
    You will still be able to buy the most iconic items on our menu, such as our famous Big Mac, wherever you are in the world, and every single one of our restaurants meets the same high quality standards we take pride in.
  26. Jollibee in the Philippines is pretty good. Their food is relatively more sweet than Western food because of the palette of Filipino people but they serve burgers, hotdogs and chicken just like any other fast food restaurant. I like hawker restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong because they're fast, cheap and tasty with a Chinese kick.
  27. My favorite Asian food? I vote for som tam. This is a spicy salad made in Thailand. Different regions in Thailand have different recipes. The Thais can tell the difference. I can't. All som tam is dynamite to me. I mean, they put chillies into it, by the handfuls. When I order my som tam, I also make sure that they only put just one chilli in it. This has made the hawkers look strangely at me on many occasions. Here's a picture of som tam.


    And here's one som tam recipe: https://www.eatingthaifood.com/thai-green-papaya-salad-recipe/
  28. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    One of my friends is a Thai American and her mom makes an AMAZING green papaya salad!!

    Thai food has to be one of my favorites. It's always so flavorsome!
  29. Good to know that som tam has got another fan. How's the taste like, to you? Was it too spicy? In Malaysia, which borders Thailand, there are also shops selling som tam. However, the taste has been modified to suit the Malaysian taste buds. In short, the Malaysian version is not that spicy. In Thailand, even the Thais sweat when they eat som tam. However, they maintain that if it's not spicy enough, then there's no point in eating som tam. Myself, much as I like som tam, I can think of many other ways of committing suicide.